PLEASE HELP Just Got Off BC Pills Think I Ovulated

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Niki - September 2

Question: I just stopped my pills because I was spotting alot because I became careless with my pills & not taking them at the same time everyday. I stopped them the 13th, and got my period the next day, I was a few days away from supposed to be getting it according to the pills. But it came then and it ended around the 20th, 21st, We had s_x almost everyday and never used anything. He always ejacualted in me. The other day around when a fertility thing predicted my ovulation day, I felt alot of cramping but not period like cramps, all on my sides a little before, and alot after s_x. Could that be ovulation occuring? Do I have a good chance of being pregnant? I really want to be. My period was 28 days obviously with the pills, but before I was irregular and never kept track. So thats why I need help, cuz im real confused. I heard sometimes your period and ovulation are later than usual once coming off the pill. Sometimes they dont happen for a while. So Im all lost on what to do. I really want to be pregnant, my nipples are starting to hurt a little. Im not eating as much, but no big signs yet or anything. Im supposed to get my period sometime around the 11th. But that'd be on the pills schedule. But what if getting off the pills throws it all off? Would it be to early if I took a pregnancy test around the 12th or 13th? PLEASE someone help!


hyde - September 2

most women don't even ovulate on time even if they are not on the pill, not to mention that you were previously on them. Yes, being on birth control can throw your cycle off. Though so many home pregnancy test manufacturers claimed that you can test as early as four days before you missed your period, but this is not always so. Sensitivity of home pregnancy test varies. N u might had ovulated late. N many women don't get positive result on their 1st test, so if you don't get positive on your 1st test, don't fret. Just wait for a few more days to a week n test again. Many of the women here don't even test positive till they missed their periods by a few weeks. So don't worry too much and good luck!



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