Please Help Looking For Pregnancy Tips

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Hailey - November 2

My husband and I are trying to have our first baby asap. We feel like we are ready to bring a new life into this world and I just can't wait until the day conception actually takes place. It has been a grueling year of disappointments. I was wondering if anyone had some tips to give me concerning conception. If you are pregnant or have ever been pregnant, what measures did you take? I am open for all possible methods. Thanks.


Hailey - November 3

Can someone please help


k - November 3

well,there is all types of ways to get pregnant..i heard one that after he ejaculates inside of you, lay on your back about 20-30 is best if he is on top, and get in real good tune with your cycle, look for ovulation calendars..they are everywhere on the web..and just be patient and pray..i hope this helps a little..:)


?? - November 3

Is this Jasy again?


k - November 3

who is jasy?


?? - November 3

from "can someone tell me how to get pregnant please!!" She said she was going to make up a new name and say she was married so people would tell her how to get preganant. Read's pretty bad!


Grandpa Viv - November 3

A year is long enough to wait before getting professional help. If that is not in the cards, go to and start charting your temps to make sure you are ovulating and exactly when. Learn your other signs of ovulation such as cervical position and mucus. The day before ovulation is the most fertile. The store has ovulation predictor kits and sperm test kits, too. Good luck!


leaann - November 3

Spin around twice and chant


in my opinion....... - November 3

i think this is jasy. ie our first baby asap......


busted - November 3

Here's a tip jasy...don't tell people what you're planning...they will catch on...


jasy - November 3

this is not me...just get a life. read my post on my original thread and then get a clue, try being more kind, get some self esteem, and get lost!


bye-bye... - November 3

jasy why don't you go away. you do nothing but anger people here who are actually serious about having a baby and who are mature enough to handle it.


Hailey - November 3

thankyou k and grandpa viv. i will use all of this advice and hopefully i will get pregnant before this month ends. i was a skeptic at first but now i see that coming on this website could be very helpful. thank you so much honestly. if i get pregnant or not i'll be sure to update you at least by december. thanks again.


Deb - November 3

Honestly, everyone wants to get pregnant asap, but in reality it doesn't work that way. I tried tips and tricks, but it took me six long months to happen. You just have to relax, have well planned intercourse around ovulation time and wait.


truthful - November 3

If you know when you are most fertile I suggest that you try to orgasm after he ejaculates because it will help bring his sperm into your cervix quicker and they will have a better chance at fertilizing the egg.


Old wife - November 4

That's an old wives tale. The sperm go into the cervix within seconds of ejaculation.


Tipster - November 4

I had s_x. That's how I got pregnant.



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