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Stacey - May 16

I would be 9 weeks pregnant. Today for the first time I started getting nausea real bad. Then I have had white creamy discharge off and on for the past month. Period was only 2 days and it was a very watery period if I must say. Lots of discharge in it. Veins all over br___ts wrapping around areolas and running through them as well. Have had two blood vessels bust on my right leg in a weeks time. Now today---right behind my right knee, I am having horrible cramps in it. When I walk--it hurts worse. I have never had a problem with my legs. Never bruise either. Very moody, emotional--I cry at the drop of a hat. I have been extremely tired and very constipated. All test are negative and I had a blood test at 15 dpo and it was under 5. That was almost 8 weeks ago though but I got a negative on urine just a week ago. SO CONFUSED. I can't even touch my br___ts. What gives?


Stacey - May 16

Hello. Please help me. PLEASE. PLEASE.


Rainbow - May 16

I would go see your doctor and ask him to do another blood test. The other one could have been too early. It's odd about the negative urine, but your doctor should be able to help you with what's going on. (Pregnancy would be visible on ultrasound by now too.) Your symptoms could also be hormonal (not due to pegnancy) and again he/she can help. Hope you feel better soon and get some answers.


Grandpa Viv - May 17

Once in a great while we see a post a__serting that hCG was negative all the way up to a positive ultrasound. Maybe you are in that boat, and maybe something else is going on. In either case you need to be seeing a doctor. Goodluck!


Stacey - May 18

Girls now I am getting scared. It is obvious that why behind my knee is hurting is because there appears to be a huge purple bruise looking thing on it-but it only hurts when I walk. I think it is busted blood vessels. Also have one on my thigh. Then my b___bs look like a bunch of bruises. Completely bluish and purplish all over them like someone has beat them silly but of course they haven't. I am really starting to worry. Should I rush to doctor or just wait out for an appt.? I find it hard to believe it is hormonal since this started happening right after s_x. But what do I know. I am just scared to pieces. Please give me some advice. Thanks.



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