Please Help Me 11 Days Late

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princessErin - April 2

Hi my period is 11 days late. Its never late and i have never missed a period. i wasnt stressing out till i was 5 days late. my cycle ranges from 32-34 days. and its 11 days past 34 days. i had unprotected s_x with my bf like 3 weeks ago and he said he pulled out but he didnt. anyways now i am a little worried. Havent had any symptoms i dont think. I have had some nausea and my back has hurt when i lay down. i hav had some cramping and i have white discharge. i was thinking maybe i am just giving myself symptoms because im thinking about it to much?? i have taken 4 HPTs and all negative. i have never been on birth control or anything. please tell me what you think!


Grandpa Viv - April 2

Was your incident about March 7th? That would have been close to ovulation. Late, nausea, backache, lotion discharge, weird cramps are pretty suggestive. How about fatigue, lightheaded moments, appet_te and smell changes, peeing more, vivid dreams, runny nose, emotional, upset gut, b___b and nip changes, veins showing more etc? You can't begin to rule out pregnancy until you are testing negative on first morning urine when two weeks late. At that stage you can begin to wonder if an ovarian cyst is giving you signs. GL!


princessErin - April 2

it was either march 5th or march 12. i cant remember exactly. um i have been hungry, like ill eat a whole meal and still be hungry. im tired like all day. i have been very emotional. um the other night i layed in bed for 2 hours and i felt like i was gunna vomit but i managed to hold it down. im only 18 and really cant afford to be pregnant. but i guess thats consequences. thanks for your help


Grandpa Viv - April 2

March 5th would have been the day before probable ovulation on a 32 day cycle - about the most fertile day of the month :( . March 12th would have been too late in the cycle. When was your most recent test, and were you using first morning urine? In the USA call 1-800-230-PLAN for your nearest Planned Parenthood if you end up needing prenatal help. GL!


princessErin - April 2

the last test i took was 2 days ago.. (wednesday) at around 3ish in the afternoon. i took a morning test the other day but only when i was like 5 days late. today my bf is buying me a ClearBlue HPT because i have heard those are the best.


Grandpa Viv - April 2

OK. Your exposure was timely and the signs are pretty strong. It's kind of surprising that you have not had a positive test already. The hormone hCG that the test looks for is supposed to double every few days. Let us know how the test goes tomorrow morning.


princessErin - April 4

ok so i took one yesterday morning. still negative yesterday was 12 days late today is 13. idk whats wrong i have never been late before


Grandpa Viv - April 4

Some would suggest you go to a doc and get a blood test - the quant_tative test gives a number which is pretty final. My suggestion now would be to take prenatal vitamins (important if you are indeed pregnant), take another test after a week has pa__sed, and call a doctor if you miss a second period. Please let us know how it goes. GL!


princessErin - April 6

ok ill take another test on saturday. im now 15 days late. i still have discharge and no period. the nausea feeling has kind of subsided. but i have been really extremly tired but havent been able to sleep that well. what would you suggest for prenatal vitamins? like what brand?


Grandpa Viv - April 6

Anything that adverises itself as Prenatal Vitamins will do - they all have extra folate, which reduce the risk of certain birth defects if taken in early pregnancy. Many foods also contain folate. Check the label on Total cereal, for instance.


princessErin - April 12

ok thanks. so now im 3 weeks late. i have had that white discharge the whole time and some slight cramps.. still no period?? like i said i have NEVER EVER missed. took another hpt at 17 days negative. but ive heard some girls dont find out till 8 weeks or so. also bf has recently gone to jail under false charges. hell be therre for 2 weeks more. i am just exhausted.


gdcblessing - April 13

princessErin Im kinda concerned more about your health and I think you need to make a quick Dr.appt to see what else might be going on if your not PG. Hope all goes well for your BF sounds like serious accusations and if you are PG its not healthy for you right now to be stressed about the situation while preparing for a lil one...keep me updated....


princessErin - April 14

i cant afford a doctor. im thinking of going to the local pregnancy testing place. (not planned parenthood) im concerned to im thinking of going today. and no its not serious the charges are just misdemeanors but he has to stay in jail till his next court date. and hopefully hell be out


Jenny R. - April 14

Erin- I'm right there with you! I'm at 10 days late today. Ugh. (you replied to my post on this..."missed period, but consistent cramping"). Thanks for that, btw. I was afraid no one would comment! I know how emotional this can be...I've never missed a period or been this late either. I'll let you know what happens. Please keep us all updated!


princessErin - April 15

your welcome :) and yeah its weird that i havent started and the tests still say negative. im kinda stressing haha


jen487 - April 19

Any results yet?


jen487 - April 19

I'm in the same boat.. about 17 days late and negative results.



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