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Zuann - April 1

hi. i and my boyfriend recently had unprotected s_x during the second day of my menstrual cycle and he came inside me . its been almost two weeks now and i havnt experienced anything unusual .and then again yesterday we had s_x ..but this time with a condom. but since yesterday i have been feeling very nauseous and dizzy.i even puked this morning . is this a sign of pregnancy ?? how logn does it take for the pregnancy signs to show ??could i have been pregnant since the time we had s_x during my menstrual cycle ?? i.e two weeks back ?? are the pregnancy signs showing now?? if i take a pregnancy test now ...will it show me the right result ?? or should i wait until my period is due ??please help..i'm very scared and confused.


shauna - April 1

I am not sure about when signs would start showing, but you should TRY to wait until your next period is due until you take a test. If your next period is late, then you should test, but if you have it on time and it's normal.. I wouldn't worry. I hope this helps a little but. Good luck!


amy w - April 1

i also felt symptoms of nausea right away before the though of my being pg even crossed my mind, however i didnt find out until i was 5 weeks along, so my thoughts would be that it would be too early to test, and also to address the vomiting, before i knew that i was i also would get nausious after having s_x with my husband, and i think a week later my body was telling me something wasnt right, so i tested, and immediatly it was positive, i know that waiting sucks, i am doing it right now, but i think that is going to be your best bet...i hope that my answer helped some...good luck to you.


Zuann - April 1

since today is just the first time i've felt anything unusual since the unprotected s_x.. i just wanted to know that the nausea a continous thing?? or do you just get it once ?? i.e if i'm pregnant i should feel nauseous and dizzy , headaches for the comming days too.... right ?? how many weeks does it last for ..and how frequently should you get it ??


Grandpa Viv - April 1

Early signs of pregnancy do not start until implantation, 7 to 10 days after conception. It does occasionally happen that sperm will survive long enough from Day 2 s_x to catch an early ovulation on, say Day 7. That could give you signs starting in the Day 12 to 15 time frame. There is a small chance your nausea and dizziness are from pregnancy, but other causes are possible. Check the Am I Pregnant link to the left to see a list of other possible signs. It is not likely that you would get a positive pregnancy test until the day your next period is due, or even a week later. Ask the school guidance counselor or nurse for a home test at that time. Good luck!


zuann - April 1

thanks for the answers, kind friends. But my periods have always been for like 28 days..give or take a day..and have never been menstrual cycles last about 5 days. And now i correctly remember that we did it on the 4th day..and not the 2nd day. its been exaclty 10 days till today. and as far as my condition today goes .. my stomach ache has persisted ..although i'm not feeling nauseous or pukish anymore. i've also had to go to the loo about 4 times today. could this just be a bad case of somach upset and nothing to do with pergnancy ??



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