Please Help Me Could My Baby Be Hurt

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Kristina - May 16

Im really scared right now. I don't know who to go to. So I hope you ladies can help me. I suspect I am pregnant. (I have all of the symptoms including a missed period.) If I am pregnant, I would be pretty early. (maybe 4 or 5 weeks) My question is (it may be a little graphic) but, my boyfriend held me down and fingered me. He did it pretty hard. Now like, an hour later, I started bleeding. It's a very dark color blood, looks old like. Not too much though. I don't know what to do? Could he have hurt the baby? I'm so scared and mad at the same time. Please help :(


Ann - May 16

Oh, you poor girl! Stay away from him!


Please - May 16

Stay away from your boyfriend. Yes, abuse can cause harm to your unborn child. The # 1 cause of death of pregnant women is murder. Normally by abusive men. See a doctor. Good luck


Kristina - May 16

I plan on it. I am still bleeding. Still dark. I don't want nothing to happen to the baby if I am pregnant, which I'm very likely to be. Im so upset. I hope I can get into the doctor's office tomorrow.


Please - May 16

I hope nothing wrong. Remember some women bleed in early pregnancy. Let me know what happens. Baby Dust


Concerned - May 16

I may be way off, but could this be the start of your period? The fact that the blood is 'old' makes me wonder. Wouldn't injury to your cerivx be new, and therefore bright red? Were you in pain when he did this? I would have thought that pain would be one indicator of damage. Someone who is only 4 or 5 weeks pregnant, often doesn't have any prego symptoms yet, so the symptoms aren't enough to be sure about pregnancy. But yep, you can bleed a little in early pregnancy. I guess a doc can give you more info and check you are okay. I really wish you all the best!!!


D - May 16

You should go to the doctor to see if you are pregnant. Having s_x, or finger s_x will not hurt your baby. The way your body is constructed the v____a is more like a tunnel that goes straight back (toward your head when you are laying down) and the cervix is above that and the uterus, where your baby might be, is behind and above that. The cervix is a strong muscle which closes tightly shut when you are pregnant. You can see a picture of it here... If it looked like old, brownish blood maybe he scratched you. Also, don't depend on advice from forums, go to a clinic or doctor if you really think something is wrong. Hope everything turns out alright.


Kristina - May 16

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. The bleeding seemed to have stopped. I did feel much pain. I may even be more than 6 weeks pregnant, if I am. I'm new at this and still learning. I better learn quick. (I'm 19 years old.) But I felt very nauseated the past week and a half, with a missed period, and some slight cramping for the past 2 weeks. But thank you ladies for your help. I really do apprieciated it!


helen - June 7

hi I'm 5 weeks pregnant and during steak frying I inhaled really nasty fumes.Can this hurt my baby?My throat and my nose has been burning.


Kris - June 7

Hay, first im sorry he did that...But when i was prego with my DD every time i had s_x with hy hubby i would bleed. And i mean alot. they told me that it can happen alot with wemen, its just a tender cervix. or he could of started your AF. I had to go to the ER a few times and they even had to suck the blood out (sorry so icky) but she very healthy and all was fine..Good luck to you!!


Bump - June 7

Bump it up!!!


Julz - June 7

Hey Kristina, I would go TODAY and get yourself a pregnancy test. Come back and let us know your results, hun. Good luck.


Gofaulk - June 8

Your boyfriend sounds like a total s$#@bum!! You need to dump him and quickly, before he does something worse to you and/your baby.If my husb tried that on me, he would have a foot in his a__s before he knew what hit him!!


Sher - June 8

I would make some new friends, namely Smith & Wesson,


Sher - June 8

I would make some new friends, namely Smith & Wesson, and keep it loaded!!!!! It sounds like your boyfriend is a horrible jerk, and sorry if he is the father of your child if you are pregnant


Jill - June 8

I agree with the last two posts, if your boyfriend is doing that now, then he sounds like a future rapist!!!!!!!! I wouldnt let him come near me with a 10 foot pole!!!


pinkbows - June 8

Kristina, have you taken a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy? I've heard that sometimes even s_x (rough s_x) can cause bleeding (a little). I would take a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy. You can get them at the dollar general store for a dollar a peice. That's very inexpensive, then if it's positive and you continue bleed i would call a doctor or go to the ER.



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