Please Help Me Figure Out My Body

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Claudia - May 9

I think I just ovulated darn it as I really thought I was pregnant. You can't ovulate while pregnant, right? Anyway today I am having sharp pains shoot up va___a. I usually have that the first day of my period. But my period isn't due until the 22nd-27th. Is that pain normal in ovulation and I just never had it before? Also my back is hurting. Never hurts. Is this ovulation or what? Had some discharge too when I thought I was ovulating. It was sorta stretchy but lots of it. It was all over underwear--goopy. Is that normal? I guess I don't know my body very well and this stuff is scaring me.


Grandpa Viv - May 9

Is there any possibility you got pregnant from s_x about April 10th? Was your last (April 24th?) period on time and normal? There is a discharge in pregnancy that can be similar to ovulation discharge.


Claudia - May 9

Hi. Thank you for answering. I would have conceived in March sometime. My ex and I broke up at the end of March but had s_x a lot before then. I just don't feel right. Last period was in April for 3 days. My norm period is 6-7 days. I took test last week but negative. I am just feeling weird and this discharge is excessive and globbyish. Although right now I am rather dry down there. Is it possible to still be pregnant? My ex and I are still friends but I would hate to have a baby with someone I am not with anymore but then again I would love it no matter what.


Claudia - May 9

Grandpa Viv? I thought I would explain why I thought I was preggers to begin with. Felt kind of nausiated. Sore b___sts and nipples. I have had several occasions of sitting down and then the room seems to spin for a few seconds. Lightheadedness I guess I should say. And I have noticed some veins on my b___sts but I used to tan all the time and now I haven't in about a month so maybe that is why they are showing more. I am just so confused. Why the sharp pains shooting up my v____a and why these other symptoms?


Anna - May 10

I also have the same question, I think. I could of swore I was pg, I'm feeling ill to my stomach a lot, much larger b___sts, darker veins and increase if cm. Problem is I'm very irregular and sometimes I skip my period. Well last month I did. Since I was having all of these symptoms I thought I was probably pg. I was going to test today, but this morning I got this strange feeling on my right side, kind of a cramp, just weird. It lasted for about 15-20 minutes. I went to the bathroom and I had this huge glob of cm that looked like eggwhites, and it was really stretchy. So now I'm thinking it was ovulation. Does that sound like ovulation to anybody? Could it possibly something that happens in early pg? Gosh, I thought I had it figured out and now I'm so confused. Can someone please help me. Sorry so long.


Claudia - May 10

Grandpa Viv please?


Audrey - May 10

Anna- What you felt was most likely ovulation. I usually get that too, the cramp on one side soon followed by the mucus. The discomfort lasts a short time then goes away.



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