Please Help Me To Ovulate This Month

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Nena - June 2

As I don't ovulate on my own, today I started HCG injections to induce my ovulation. I felt cramps after half an hour in my lower abdomen. Does that mean that I am going to ovulate? Please any advice would help me stay positive this months to conceive. (((((( Baby Dust ))))))


Nena - June 3

Anyone waiting for ovulation day this month?


To nena - June 3

wishing you the best of luck for this months journey! Fingers crossed you get that BFP.


Nena - June 3

Million thanks and baby dust to all who are trying to conceive.


kim - June 3

I'm sorry to hear that you don't ovulate. Don't give up hope! I also was not ovulating when trying to conceive my second son, due to no periods for 2 years. It did finally happen for me. I don't know a lot about HCG injections but I took a herbal supplement to bring on my periods. I finally conceived after 3 years of trying, so it does happen for some of us, keep the faith. Baby dust***


Nena - June 6

Thanks Kim. I pray I will ovulate this month. Today is day 7 of my cycle, I am taking temp chart and it is going up every day (36.48, 36.55, 36.55 and today 36.58). I also have like cramps in my lower abdomen maybe my ovaries are reacting. I've read your helpful posts all the time for your success with herbs, and I was about to order Vitex but doc gave me these (Menogon, Pregnyl) injections so I was afraid to mix them. Is it a good sign that my temp is rising daily?


Nena - June 7

My temp dropped today at 36.48 at 7.00 and than at 8.00 it was 36.51. Does this mean anything? Today is 8th day of my cycle. Does anyone has any BBT chart how it should be from the 1st day of your cycle?


Jules - June 7

Hey Nena - my best advice would be for you to join up at - they have awesome charting software and it helped me understand my cycles and late ovulation so much better. Just remember, you have to take your temp at the same time every morning, and that is before you get out of bed. It must be before you've done any moving around (that would cause your temp to go up) - and after 3 consecutive hours of sleep. I used to set my alarm clock for the same time every morning and take my temp while my eyes were still closed. Then if it was the weekend i would just go back to sleep afterwards. It worked well for me. Your temp should go up after you've ovulated and maintain. If you're preggers then it will stay eleveated but usually drops when af is due to arrive. At Fertility Friend you can do a search on various types charts (using keywords, depending on what types of charts you want to find - those that ended in pregnancy, those that show ovulation, those that show anovulation, those who have been on the HcG shot - the list is endless!) I'd really encourage you to spend a bit of time there. It is an awesome site! All the best to you.


Nena - June 7

Thank you very much Jules. I will try that immediately :o)


Nena - June 9

On day 9 of my cycle I went to see if a follicle can be seen by U/S, but nothing is there. Should I be worried? Please any opinion is appreciated. I will have to go again (on 11 cycle day) to check should there started any follicle. They mentioned that there are some small folliclec but non dominantm and they mentioned as a good sign that endomentrium started to react.


chris - June 9

how do you know when you dont ovulate ? this is new to me. wondering if i do or not now.


Nena - June 9

I know because I have been in e regular check to see when I am ovulating and doc find out that I am not ovulating, so he prescribed for me HCG injection to induce ovulation. Also, the best thing is that you take BBT and according to that you can see if you are ovulating or not. Please, check more in



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