Please Help Me Understand

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lynn - June 10

I have very light cramping type feeling in my stomach, usually when i have my period i have very painful cramps. Also when I cough it kinda hurts. Another thing is that my stomach feels hard around the edges. I talked to a nurse and she said that i could be feeling insides, but how could that be? My br___t feel heavier and they are getting more rounder, also when you have small bumps on your br___t around your nipples what does that mean? I sleep more and have sudden headaches and then they go away. I've taken three tests so far and they have been negative.But then there's something real strange going on, I have some small dual sharp pains in various areas of my stomach, and some fluttering especially when I lie down, right now my stomach just look like i'm fat, and real jiggly. I have MS and i'm wondering if the MS could affect the the results of my tests. Please somebody help me understand what's going on with me. thank-you


Kel - June 10

I can't help with the MS stuff, but maybe with helping you to figure out if you are pg. How far along would you be if you are pg? When do you expect your next af?


lynn - June 10

My nexg af is due around the 15th. My last af was a month late.I never have irregular periods or have never missed one before either. If i'm pg i think i might be 2-3 months pg.


lynn - June 10

please help me understand


amanda - June 10

As long as the medications that you take (if any) for the MS do not contain hCg then they should not interfere with the pg tests. To be safer that sorry, I would go to my doctor for a blood test. They can detect the hCg hormone alot more accurately. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - June 10

Fatigue and Montgomery tubercles (the nipple bumps) and heavier b___sts are all signs of pregnancy. Some women do take a long time to get a positive home test. You should prob. go to a doctor and get checked out. Goodluck!



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