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imalwayzblessed3 - September 7

Hi i was just wondering if there is any chance of me being pregnant..I got my period on July 30th and haven't had one since..i had s_x between aug 10th until aug 18th and i don't think i would have gotten my period until at least the 30th to maybe the 2nd of sept ? ..well it is now the 7th of sept and still no period i have spotted brown blood yesterday just in the morning and 2 times i went to the bathroom today i wiped and there was a lil bit of brown...would a pregnancy test be to early to show pregnancy right now should i wait until i am at least 2 weeks late ? please help...


proverb3130gal - September 8

Hi Blessed, I'm in a similar situaiton and just joined the site last night. My last period was from July 16-20th. When I was supposed to have my next one on August 10th, I only spotted brown for 3 days, then nothing. I took a pregnancy test a week later because I realized the possibility that I might be pregnant. It came out negative. 3 weeks later when I still hadn't gotten my period, i tested again (it was just this past saturday) and again, it came up negative. It doesn't hurt to test to gain some peace of mind. Not knowing is what bothered me the most. I'm still waiting for my period and I'm believing that stress is what it on delay. I started spotting brown on/off again a few days ago, and tonight there has been tinges of red. I'm trying to be patient and wait and not get my hopes up. Praying for peace too. I searched online and found out that Dollar Tree has one of the most sensitive pregnancy tests on the market. Yes Dollar tree! That's the last one I bought. It isn't a pee on a stick test, you have to provide your own clean/dry cup. The test comes with a little dropper that you use to add your urine to the test ca__sette (that's what they called it). Dollar tree sells paper cups in the party supply aisle too. But i cut the top off an empty plastic water bottle and used that, lol(i forgot to buy the paper cups). I pray this helps. Oh! I read online that when the test claims it will give you a good result "5 days before your missed period" the first day of your missed period is the day after you were supposed to start. So if you were supposed to start on the 2nd, then the 3rd would be day 1 that you start counting on. Then count backward till you get to day 5. I pray this helps.



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