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Mike - April 3

Hi I have a question about pre-ejaculationa nd pregnancy. My girlfriend and I fooled around one night and it included a lot of touching massaging of the genitals and I pre-ejaculated 2 or 3 times. Then we decided to see if I could fit my p__s inside of her so we tried but it didn't fit in. Now I wasn't wearing a condom and before I tried putting it into her I squeezed the shaft and wiped the top off with my boxers. The I placed it at her va___al entrance and tried to put it in. It never went in and I am pretty sure that I never pre-c_mmed during it because when I pulled it away the tip was not wet. If I did pre c_m there what are the chances that she may become pregnent even if my head or shaft did not enter...and what are some things we could do to prevent this (if any) pregnancy. Please writ eback this is urgent we are waiting to decide if we should go talk to a doctor or not. Thankyou an e now knwo to wear a condom at all times no matter what . Please write thankyou.


louise - April 3

she COULD get pregnant that way. but its very very VERY unlikely. if you were to see a doctor they would say wait until her periood. if she is more than 2 weeks late then she should take a pregnancy test. but i doubt very much that she would be pregnant


Mike - April 3

thankyou ill cross my fingers


jena - April 3

the chances are slim but still there. whenever there is sperm around her, there is a chance that they will try and do their job - get to her egg. but as louise said, it's unlikely. you sound responsible so i'm sure this scare will make you use condoms in the future.. don't worry too much and wait until she gets her period - but don't let her stress too much or it may be late due to that and you guys don't need that worry for nothing :) good luck...


To Mike - April 3

If you are worried go to see her doctor and maybe check to see if you can take the 'morning after pill'. I think you're fine, but next time- use a condom so you're not sitting there in a panic worrying about the 'what if's'.


Mike - April 3

Thankyou all for you answers and yes I sdont think I want to have a lil mikey or run into this situation again. We have chosen to abstinence for the time being and will just be a normal loving couple. I Love her and dont want to add any stress onto her life with a baby or the thought of one. Thankyou guys.


Angie - April 3

Mike I am very impressed with you for two reasons. The first is because unlike many males you have decided to choose abstinence instead of thinking with the wrong head so to speak. And for two you love your girlfriend enough not to pressure her into anything and you care enough not to make her stress out about a situation that you both are not ready for. I commend you both. When the time is right you both will know it. If you have questions then the time isnt right. Good job on the both of you for using your heads.



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