Please Help Sores On Gums

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PrettyYoung Lady - November 22

when pregnant, do you get sores on your gums? do they get sore?


EMMA2 - November 22

No it is not a symptom .


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Very early in pregnancy the vascular system (blood vessels) experience change as the embryo establishes its blood supply. This can often be seen in other places on the body, with more prominent veins on the b___bs and flanks, maybe a purple tinge in the v____al area, a healthy blush to the cheeks, and if your teeth have not seen a dentist in a long time, bleeding gums. Every women should have her teeth cleaned by a dentist during pregnancy as gum disease involves bacteria that can cause low birthweight.


jennifer_33106 - November 22

During Later pregnancy you get what is referred to as pink tooth brush. Your blood supply increases and causes you to have bleeding gums when you brush. i have never heard of nor have sores on my gums. It may be a infection or something. I would get it checked out! GL!


b__terfly kisses - November 22

Funny you mention the dentist Gpa Viv... when I was preg with my first, I had the worst m/s ever and it lasted the entire 9 mos... I tried to go to the dentist, but I also have a heart murmur that requires antibiotics before a cleaning.... I took my pills, drove to the dentst, and um, got sick all over the office. Needless to say, they didn't clean my teeth, and I opted to wait until after pg for it to be normal again... however, I did learn something from the dentist that day! They told me that even though the first thing you want to do after vomiting is brush your teeth, that this is actually not a good idea. They told me that brushing only rubs the germs in further. They suggested to rinse for 60 secs with an antiseptic mouthwash BEFORE brushing to kill the bacteria... just thought I would share that. If I am pg, I am really hoping that my m/s will not be as severe as the last one!



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