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kristinano - December 6

I am 21 years old with a son who is almost 21 months. I and my husband have been trying to concieve for at least 8 months now and yet it only took 6months with my son. I skipped my period for a whole month of October then I started on November 1,2004 and lasted until November 8,2004 which is normal for me. But I was 3 days late this month for my period on the 4th day I started my period which is light to medium and im usually heavy, well i did have cramps. Even after my last period I had cramping all the way up until my next period, i had to pee more, very tired, mood swings, back pain with leg pain, my nipples were purple with purple/white bumps, but then i started my period. When I found out I wasnt pregnant by starting my period I began crying along came a headache and cramps(moderate). Okay now the last week octobr i took 3 bc pills which probably prolonged my period into november. I did have a couple of cysts on my ovary but when i went to gyno November 9, 2004 they said everything looked normal and i did have a tender area up inside of my va___a and he said i could get pregnant then prescribed me prenate vitamins to help, i had those cysts back in august and september but none now. Im getting really frustrated, how can i concieve? What should i try? Any tips, advice would help??? Also about implantation bleeding, is it possible to have a period as implantation bleeding if you were late by 3 days? Could implantation bleeding be "red" and go as long as a period without it being "heavy" only light to medium? I mean you would think if the embryo had to burrows into the uterus, couldnt that cause bleeding? Also the placenta, what about the blood vessels? Please help I need answers????????? Thank You Please Help and thank you


zuly - December 6

Try when you are ovulating this would be the best way.


lyndsey - December 6

I resently started taking a fertility aid that is all natural vitmins it has a 90 day garentee and 100% money back if u r not pregnant in 90 days i suggest u order it if u like. the website is there is no side effects its all vitamin and natural herbs. u should check it out. i have no sucsess store for i have only been taking it for two weeks. hopfully it helps though. good luck



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