Please Help Very Confused 10 Day Early Bleeding

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tinkerbellstankgirl - May 17

Hi. I had a complete misscarriage (at nine weeks) on the 7th of January. Since then i have had a normal period every 30 days which have lasted around 4-5 days. My last period was the 20th of April and i finished on the 25th. We have since had s_x on the 11th of May and he did not "finish" My period is due on the 25th of May and on the 16th i had slight bleeding (around 2 drops of blood) i have noticed a foul smell.. and discharge with a slight brown colouration. I am a bit confused as to weather it is my period starting early or implantation bleeding? Can somone please help me!!!?!


Emma - May 18

I'm actually going though the exact same thing and I don't know why. My period is not due for another 8-10 days and today I had a bit of old blood on the paper tissue and when I check with a paper tissue in my servix after I take it out covered with brown liquid. The reason I say liquid because I don't have any discharge, itchines or smell. All I can think of is starting my period early. We weren't planing to have a child because last december we went through a miscarriage. But we don't use any protection at the same time only the with drawal method. So who knows what it is.


tinkerbellstankgirl - May 18

Hiya. Thanks for replying. Yeh we have used the withdrawl method.. I have not had any bleeding now since the 1st day.. just a small ammount of browny coloured discharge.. which has a strong smell. How would i check my cervix? sorry if that sounds weird!!! thanks alot :) x


tritty - May 18

i'm not by any means a pro at this BUT from reading through this forum i don't think it's a sign of pg if it has a strong smell. usually there is a lot of cm without odor (anyone please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong). if it has a strong odor and it gets itchy or uncomfortable i would go see your doc.



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