Please I Need Multiple Oppinions

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EC - July 20

Can anyone help me out, ive been having quite a few of the symptoms, White bumps on nipples AND aerora, nausia, headakes, and it seems my nasal cavities are acting different.. Ive been having shooting pains in my br___ts and upper back.. However, i had whut appeared to be a normal period about a week ago, normal length and flow.. i never actually had any intercourse.. my bf got sperm on his shirt and after wiping it with a leave, he licked it trying to get the stain out, then he gave me oral s_x.. Are the symptoms in my head? Because ive been insanely worried lately, because i am too young to have a child.


ewww - July 20

Please stop asking this on every forum. No one responds becasuse that is not possible. You are not pregnant if you don't have s_x. Didn't you learn about s_x ed in school yet?


wow - July 20

yes the symptoms r in ur head. u and ur boyfriend need to read some books or take some cla__ses on s_x. and that whole licking the sperm thing u mightnwanna keep that between u and ur bf...just a thought


EC - July 20

Why do i care, you dont know me? :S


Channelle - July 20

You are not pregnant unless you have intercourse...sperm will die if on a shirt touching air, or in a mouth! They are not that strong to live! You can only be pregnant only if the sperm goes into the v____a directly from the p___s. oh and did you say he wiped it with a leaf? like from a tree? before he licked it?


j - July 20

please don't write disgusting things about yr life


ec - July 20

yeah. he wiped it with a leaf.


ec - July 20

and sperm can like 24 hours out side of the body


a - July 20

you shouldn't be having s_x anyway you are way to young didn't you put in another posting that you were 14? you should be thinking about school and your education not s_x....


ec - July 20

i told you, i never had s_x?


a - July 20

oral s_x is considered s_x also dear! it is too dangerous for a girl your age to be doign that just make sure if you do you use protection.


Heather - July 20

If you are truly that worried about being pregnant than you should take a oregnancy test, it seems though that since you had your period on time you arn't pregnant. When you have s_x for most women there is a 20% chance of actually concieveing, the chances of you concieveing from such limited contact is unlikely.


EC - July 20

This might sound gross, but spotting is just light pinkesh/ brown blood with no tissue, Correct? The period i had had the ugh.. chunks.. of tissue in it.. So it couldnt be spotting, and you Technicly Cant have a normal period when pregnant..


a - July 20

yes actually you can have a normal period while being pregnant. my friend had a normal period up until her 5th month of pregnancy so it is a proven fact that you can have your period while being pregnant .


EC - July 20

Thats what i thought from many of the posts on here, but eevry expert you read from or ask says its not possible. I guess some things go beyond science.


b - July 20

sperm can not live 24 hours outside of the body. as soon as air would hit it it would die!


RUDE - July 20

True this girl is to young to be doing what she is doing but she came on here to get help and opinions and it is rude of you people to treat her like she is stupid.



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