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Sarah Jane - January 31

Ok, we aren't planning on trying to concieve for another few months (we want to wait till our 1st ann is past) however I am horrible when it comes to taking the pill, so far i haven't gotten pg, but this month i have forgotten pills a couple of times (three days in a row , two different times) I am not suposed to start until Feb 8th but I am feeling rather funny. I am gassy, i cry for no reason, i have some kind of cramps (not sure if its due to the gas) i get really hungry and order everything but then get full rather fast. also last week, i didn't have spotting my i had sharp pains in my side. I took a test is said no, but i also know its too early. Also i went back to see the times I forgot the pill they were during me Oing days. If anyone thinks I am or not or have advice please I would be forever in your debt (we would both be happy to have a baby now, we just were planning on waiting a few more months.)


Val - January 31

It could very well be. Maybe you shouldn't take the pill until you know for sure?? Are you late?


sarah jane - February 1

no, I still have the rest of the pills from this week to take until sunday. however I noticed some spotting this morning, nothing heavy just something there when i whiped? but that could also be because I havente taken sunday or mondays pills right?


sarah jane - February 1

so should I go ahead and quit taking the pills ? or if i am will it hurt anything?


tiffani - February 1

The spotting you're experiencing could be from implantation bleeding or hormones that are out of whack because of the way you took (or didn't take) your birth control pills. You should NOT take anymore birth control pills if you suspect you are pregnant, as this could cause the pregnancy to abort. Wait until you get your period and then start back on your pills or another form of birth control. If the pills are too much for you to handle, try the Ortho Evra patch (you change it once a week) or maybe the Depo shot.


sarah jane - February 1

so since i am not due to start till next week it could be to early to take a test correct?



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