Please I Need Your Advice As Many Opionions As Poss

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haylee - March 27

hey guys, im not sure whatr to think. AF started monday, or what i thought was AF. however, its was not the darkish purple like blood iusually get, it was bright red and only when i wiped, next two days were a bit heavier, and then the last 3 days have been again only when i wipe, and the occasional tiny lil clot. i feel sooo hungry at the moment, emotional, bad complexion, always thirsty, sore bbs, and i generally feel like im pregnant, i am not sure if this is implantation or not. i did have a few clots, but the period itself was generally at least 650% ighter then normal with barly any cramps


haylee - March 27

by the wya i meant to type at least 50% not 650


jena - March 27

have you tested yet?


haylee - March 27

no because if it was implantation then i would need the levls to rise. but does it sound like implantation. i would have thought it was a normal period but i feel pregnant and it was tooo light and strange, but you can hardly call it spotting? so i duno what to think


bump - March 28



haylee - March 28

can people please help me, i really could do with it?


Audrey - March 28

Haylee- Sounds like implantation to me. It's too early for anything to show up on a home pg test yet, but just in case start taking pre-natal vitamins containing folic acid. Good luck!


haylee - March 28

anyone else any ideas?


jena - March 28

well you said that it was your period, or at least that you bled when your period was due? then it wouldn't have been implantation, right? sorry if i'm confused! if you are late for AF, I'd test! it doesn't hurt, but yes, you are correct - the levels need to rise so even if you are past AF being due, you can still get a false negative. i think it might be the dreaded waiting game for you :(. try a test now (if you want - i would but i'm impatient!) and then again in a week... good luck!


haylee - March 28

i bled 3 days after i was due a period. but it wasnt usual bleeding which is what im saying, is this implantation?


haylee - March 28



erica - March 28

Was it just spotting for 3 days. No pad needed only a panyliner. If it was it's implantation bleeding. But if you just recently gof off bc. It's due to that.


vanessa - March 28

Take a test - you should be able to get a pretty accurate reading at this point. Good luck to you!


bumpt - March 29



haylee - March 29

hey guys, i havent been able to take a test yet but i have to ask, my stomachs swollen up a bit, but ive been consciously eating less. im not saying in defo pregnant and have a premature bump or anything, i think it could be bloating but i duno, its wierd, can some people give me advice, i duno what to think. if anyone can think of anything other than take a test. by the way bbs look swollen darker with lots of veins and mt's?


KT - March 29

Have you recently quit birth control? This could be a cause of the abnormal period, or if you missed 1 or 2 pills. I would think that the clots are not a positive sign of being pg, but all pregnancies are different. I would wait one week after your period is normally due and the take hpt.


haylee - March 29

ive never had birth contol. its worrying tho because its such a wierd period and i feel pregnant but i dont want to wait another three weeks before testing just in case coz id wanna start prenatal care asap if i am



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