Please Look At My Chart

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Tiffany - March 18

My temp was 98.2 yesterday, after a HUGE dip the day before. Do you ladies think I could be pregnant? We were using the FAM for avoiding, but we'd be happy either way, I just want to know already! lol ~SENDING LOT'S OF BD TO THOSE WHO WANT IT~ TIA! Tiffany


Tiffany - March 18

The link to my chart might help eh? lol


Grandpa Viv - March 18

Thanks for sharing the chart. I guess you are focusing on an implantation dip - did you check that temp right away when you realized it was not in line? You could be right! Are you experiencing any early signs yet? Good luck!


LIndsey - March 18

it looks as though that may have been a dip but I'm no expert! Good luck Tiff! Your chart looks good!


stacey - March 18

certainly looks good, but they say after either 14 or 18 days of high temps that you are pregnant, It looks like you still have a few more days to go. Have you tested yet?


Naomi M. - March 18

Tiffany--stupid question--how did you post that for us? I also have a chart at fertility friend that I'd like to share-I dont think I'm computer savvy enough yet....!!!


mulgajill - March 20

Naomie... just left mouse click on the link in the search bar when you are at the page you want, then when it is highlighted, then right mouse click, you will get a little menu pop up, left mouse click on 'copy', then when you come back here as you are posting your message, right mouse click again where you want to insert the link and click on 'paste'... voila, it should work, though on this site sometimes it adds little dashes to the link which have to be deleted when the next person copies it to their search bar. hope this is not too confusing.


stacey - March 20

Tiffany- are your temps still high? Any symptoms yet?


Naomi M. - March 20

Thanks,mulgajill, I tried to see if it would work (by sending myself e-mails!) and the main page on fertility friend kept popping up, asking for user ID and pa__sword!? So, I am not able to share it???


Naomi M - March 21

Here, does this work?javascript:ol('');


Naomi - March 21

I tried it and it worked, but you have to take some of the dashes and the parentheses out, also the dash in "fertility"...check it out gals...



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