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Confused - November 15

I have asked this a few times no repsonse whats the posibility of having a blood test and it come back negative and you really are pregnant? Anyone go through this?


to Confused - November 15

I'm not sure, it may be possible depending if you got the blood test taken too early. How many dpo did you get the blood test done?


Confused - November 15

Idk I wasnt trying to have a baby. . . its not the end of the world I mean I would like a baby. I think I got the blood test like a week and a half after s_x if that but i am not sure. . .my periods skip around but they r normal in length and amount so I am not sure when dpo I was. I had brown discarge the first day 1.2 day blood then brown and pink discharge. This is not normal! My bbs hurt and I have been sick to my stomach, Cramping, and back aches. i feel bloated. . . I took a hpt a few days ago bfn. . .


concerned! - November 15

Anyone? Please help. I'm scared.


Vickie - November 15

Hi, I never had this personally, but whilst surfing the net I have read a few articles on this and I think it v unlikely that you are pg. Apparently the blood test is fool proof, however if you have pg symptoms I would go back to the doctor, she would need to do tests to determine why - after, all they could have made a mistake!


Deb - November 16

It is rare for a blood test to come back negative and for you to be pregnant, but I have heard of it happening.


Grandpa Viv - November 16

A blood test one and a half weeks after s_x is too early - could easily have been before implantation. Your signs sound positive. Why don't you take another home test Saturday first pee, and a second a week later if needed. Good luck!


DeeJay - November 16

It is possible to come back negative if it was done too soon, and if your hormone level is low. If you are still late or have symptoms have them do it again.


confused - November 16

thanks anyone else? I think I might go to the clinic on tomorrow or should I just wait to buy a hpt and take it sat? my b___bs hurt sooo bad today and my back is hurting and still having cramps. . .


RMT - November 16

I would agree that you might have taken the blood test too early. On another note, my close friend took a blood test when she was two months pregnant and it came out negative! They finally found out that she was pregnant, but it does happen put it that way. Good luck.


confused - November 16

when should i take a hpt? Should I go to the free clinic tommorow or not or should I wait. If so how long


confused - November 17

anyone else? please help


Becca - November 17

Like RMT said, one and a half weeks for your blood test is early. Your body needs to have a few weeks (2-4) to get used to the fact your body is changing on the inside.Just like a HPT(Home Pregnancy Test).


concerned - November 17

so I should wait a until sat then 2 more weeks? how far away is the longest it could be and me get a bfp?


confused - November 17



ee - November 18

I would test with a home preg test on Sat and then if it's neg and no period, another one a week later. If it is negt, I would go back for blood test. Good luck


Vickie - November 18

Hi again! I did some more surfing the net and there have been cases where people have had 2 to 3 blood tests all negative and they gave birth 9 months later. Go and see you doctor and see if he will retest - maybe leave it a couple more weeks first, it probably was too early. Good luck!



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