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A - September 18

I have blue veins on my br___ts like 1 or 2...could this be due "problems" im having with my pill...I also switched my pill time this month. What do you think the chances are of being 7 wks pg and still getting a neg. result?


Jeana - September 18

I'm not sure about the neg result, but I think the blue veins they talk about are the ones that are more visable in the areola area. I might be weird, but that's how mine are. I think messing with birth control screws up your system...I really don't know about neg results (I got a pos at 8 dpo), but I would say make a doc's apt for an exam. It can't hurt anything. At least then you will know. Good Luck!


staci - September 18

the veins on your b___st could also be caused by AF getting ready to come veins always go out of control right before i ovulate and right before AF..there are some women who are pregnant and don't get positive for a while, but if you have normal regular periods you prob. have nothing to worry about....and like jeana said you could go to doc or you can call the office and speak to a nurse, they are usually very nice so you don't have to worry about that...also when switching your pill time it wouldn't hurt to use extra protection for ateast a week to let your body get adjusted to it....also if you suspect that you could really be pregnant the dollar tree carries pg tests now, wouldn't hurt to spend a dollar to ease your mind! good luck


A - September 18

I am on day 8 of my active pills I do use condoms except for like 3 times and the last time being July 20th and ive only had s_x 1 time since then way too scared to do so anymore. i dont really have symptoms beside sneezing like twice a day recently and I have been getting severe headaches 2 within 2 wks that cause me to get sick. and the blue veins. I have really lost/ gained weight either. Last 2 periods have been the same length and almost exact same discharge/blood. I think I am freaking out over nothing I mean its been over 7 weeks and I took a test friday the 16th and it was neg.


bump - September 21



bump - September 22



Elh - September 23

it could be your hormones being shifted around!!



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