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Jen - NY - August 18

I wanted to share my recent experience with the women on this board. I was two weeks late for my period and expected nothing less than my doctor telling me I was pregnant when I had blood work done the other day. Unfortunately, the reason for my lack of period and negative home pregnancy tests was poly cystic ovarian syndrome. My body does not produce enough of the necessary hormone that causes ovulation. Therefore I may not be able to get pregnant. While there are treatment and fertility options available, I am devastated at the news. I am 25 with a history of ovarian cancer and cysts in my family. I wanted to raise the topic to make the rest of you aware. If you are repeatedly receiving negative pregnancy tests but are experiencing hormonal changes, please ask your doctor to check for this, an estimated 10% of women are affected. I'm trying to stay positive, thank you for reading.


annette - August 18

hi jen, i can understnd how alarmed you were when u got a result which u didnt expect. that was exactly my situation 2 years ago, when i was ttc, and no reults. my doc said that many women have pcos, and that it is ppossible for such people to conceive through proper medication. i dont know what your doctor has prescribed, but mine gave me metformin to start with. women with pcos are insulin resistant, which will prevent ovulation. so metformin will treat that. then you might need clomid to actually induce ovulation. i am overweight, and have all the typical symptoms of pcos, so i was asked to reduce weight. i am sure that through proper exercise and medication, we will succeed. dont worry, lets keep our faith up!


Jen - August 19

Thank you so much Annette, it's nice to have someone in the same situation ease my mind. Everyone seems so focused on making me feel better when all I need is someone to listen. I have gotten so many "Oh Jenny you'll be fine" that I feel they think I'm overreacting. I really appreciate your response and will let you know how things go.


kim - August 19

You are so right, I wish women would educate their selfs about thier own body. PCOS is a common condition. If you are overweight, have hair where it shouldn't be and irregular cycles, you should consider Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


kEEKEE - August 19

Jen, Sorry to hear about your health. Stay positive!!!!!! Some women do get pregnant with PCOS. You never know. Tons of Hugs!!!!


Jen - August 19

Thanks KeeKee, trying to stay positive is the hardest thing right now. My best friend is 7 months pregnant and my sister has a newborn. It's one of those you never know how bad you want something until it's taken away times. My appointment is Wednesday and I'm trying to read up on PCOS as much as I can but I only take it in small doses. Thank you so much for your support, you guys are the best!



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