Please Read Should I Go To My Doctor

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Stephany - January 24

in november I was 5 early when I started my period. I was cramping so bad I went home and took a hot bath to help ease the pain. The next morning I got so sick. I was throwing up and dry heving. My period was really heavy and cramping was bad for the first week and wasn't to bad the next week. My Period lasted 2 weeks. well my next period I was late 4 days. I took a test but it came up neg. I finally had my period but it was med-light. and it only lasted 5 days. Should I go to my doctor? Do you think I had a misscariage? I'm really scared and don't know what to do.


Anne - January 24

I would go to the doctor. Do you know for sure if you were pregnant or are you just worried that you might have been pregnant and had a miscarriage? It would be best to go visit your doctor no matter what. If you had a miscarriage - you NEED to see a doctor and if you were not pregnant - you should still prob. see a doc b/c maybe some other factor is causing you to have a period for two weeks and then causing your period to be late the next month. Are your cycles regular?


nicole - January 24

yes, i would go to the doctor, im not sure, you never really said if you were pg or not. im a__suming no, but still to have af for that long and be that sick and painful, something deff doesnt seem right


stephany - January 24

I dont' think I am preg or not. my b___bs have been really sore lately though. But I'm not sure. I'm scared and not sure what to tell my doctor. when I go.


B'Lana - January 25

Steph, just tell him/her what you told us and he/she will ask more questions to get info he/she needs. BTW, I heard it is a very bad idea to take hot bath on period- I know 4 ladies that had to be hospitalized after doing that-too heavy bleeding. However, they a totally fine now (having children) like rabbits :) Best of luck and health!


Confused - January 25

B'Lana, I am interested in what you posted. Why is it bad to take a hot bath when you are on your period? Just wondering b/c I lobe hot baths. Thanks!



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