Please Read About Alot Of Creamy White Fluid Need To Know

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Wondering - October 6

I may have ovulated from the 1 through the 4th. Today I had a creamy white discharge, alot of it. Is this a sign of pregnancy or ovulation. If ovulation, could I be pregnet from intercource on the 4th? I am on a regular 27 day cycle and never ovulate late. It us unsually early.


Viv - October 6

Please read ... ... you are not describing mucus at ovulation. A creamy discharge can be a sign of pregnancy. From the 4th to the 6th is not enough time for any noticeable changes if pregnancy is taking place. Your post almost sounds as though you meant to say menstruate and not ovulate. Please tell us the date of your last menstrual period - it is not clear what was unusually early.


michelle - October 7

Well, like Viv, I'm not exactly sure what was early. However, I am 6-7 days past ovulation. I know because in addition to knowing what my body does during ov, I was also using the tester strips (which showed my surge 7 days ago). Therefore, if I'm pregnant I can't be more than a week. I almost know I am because this is my 4th pregnancy, and just like the others, I am having that creamy discharge already. Like when you wipe after tinkling, it just feels slimy. I think you could be pregnant. Good luck!


Wondering - October 7

Last Period was the 21st of September. I may have ovulated on day 10. Please let me know what you think.


michelle - October 7

I have a friend who ovulates on any given day. Sometimes as early as day 8, sometimes as late as day 22. So yes, it is entirely possible you ovulated on day 10.


Viv - October 7

Thinking out loud! If you conceived on the 1st it is quite possible to have early symptoms on the 6th, but you would have had to have intercourse in the preceeding week, not on the 4th. Most women would experience other symptoms too, like b___st changes, tiredness, emotional, gas, peeing, smell and taste changes.


Viv - October 7

One more thought. If I started an unexpected discharge 2 days after having s_x with someone I didn't know too well, I would be asking what kind of bug might I have picked up that gives me a discharge that is not itchy, smelly or green, but is definitely unusual. Visit


wondering - October 7

VIV, How Rude!I have been married for 3 years, that is not the case, but thank you for speculating! I do not believe there is anything in my post that stated I was with a new partner!



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