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JEN - November 1

I had these same feelings this past cycle as early as 3 dpo. AF was 3 days late and seems pretty normal with clots(sorry tmi). I've been ttc for the past 3 months since coming off the pill. I was hoping this was month since I was getting some symptoms, unless my mind was playing tricks on me. Could it still be possible to be preggers even AF did arrive? AF has been consistent(right on the dot) for the last 3 months, but this time it was late. Has this happened to anyone and later found out they were in fact preggers? I'd really love some feedback.


JEN - November 1

Sorry, what I mean by "same feelings" is slight symptoms.....


Amanda - November 1

I dont think you are. It sounds like your cycle just got delayed a bit. If your "af" was normal except for a few days late, I would guess that you are not pregnant. You could test to make sure, though. Good luck to you!


I agree - November 1

I don't think you are pregnant. I think we want it so bad, that we hold on to the hope that maybe we still are, even when we have our period. In reality there are very few women who get their period when they are pregnant. It can happen, but it is very unlikely. You can have an irregular period here and there, and I think that is what you had. Sorry, it is probably not what you wanted to hear.


JEN - November 1

Thanks guys. I agree, sometimes we want it so bad that we psyche ourselves out and end up feeling symptoms because we want to, not because it's really there. Well, I'm crossing my fingers for my BFP this month. Baby dust to all....


Another Jen - November 1

I was in the same situation, coming off the pill, having symptoms, not pregnant. However, there have been women who get pregnant right away so maybe you will be one of them.


JEN - November 1

I just read a post about ibuprofen and ttc. I fall under that category. I have taken advil regularly during AF. I sure hope this doesn't have anything to do with that. Do you ladies know anyone who has taken Advil regularly but has had no problems ttc??


Shannon - November 1

Three weeks before my last peirod where kind of weird - I felt sick, had that metal taste in my mouth. And my period was only 3 days long this month. My period before that was 5 days late. I am not gaining any weight? I went up a jean size and my bras are getting smaller. But my b___sts aren't sore either. What do you think?



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