Please Read If UR Late But Preg Tests R Negative

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E - October 30

I see the question: "I am XX days late for my period and have taken XX number of tests but they are negative. Can I still be pregnant?" --- Absolutely:) HcG, the pregnancy hormone takes time to build up in your system and does not rise at the same rate in all women. It is advised that you continue to test every two days as HcG should double every 48 hrs, and always use a first morning urine sample. HcG is more dilute if you have urinated within 6 hrs of testing and have ingested food or liquids. ---- A quant_tative blood test from your doctor is the most accurate way to determine if you are pregnant. This quant_tative test gives the exact amount of HcG in your blood stream. Do not accept a simple "no" answer from your doctor as they may have only performed a qualitative test which has the same accuracy as a urine test. This type of test does not measure the exact amount of HcG in your blood. Some women are pregnant but their HcG fails to be detected by this less than reliable testing method.-- Hope this helps and saves some threads:) I am providing a link about the types of tests available -


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bumpity - November 1

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tiff - November 3

thank you for this i have missed my period for a month and am now into the next and think i might be but every test i take says no.


Lily - November 3

I recommend the early test kits measuring 10 miu of HCG sold at (or if you want this site to get some money, click on the link on the right hand side that says when can i get pregnant and linking to


b - November 4



Vivi - November 4

Dollar Store tests have a sensitivity of 20 miu of HCG. They are a Canadian product - I bought them online first and when I ran out I bought the dollar store ones and was suprised to see they were the same canadian tests I bought online. They have been more sensitive than 1st response and EPT.


m - November 4

Thanks for that info Vivi. I have actually pa__sed those tests up in the past because I thought they would be generic, unreliable, and have a high sensitivity (100 or so mIU). Thanks again, very interesting!


nic - November 4

Thank you so much. I haven't had a period for a while and I never miss a period. And I've been stressed before, I mean I was just a freshman in college last year and if that wasn't stressful I don't know what was! And my period still came as usual. So this time I definately know something is wrong, but the test I took at the clinic said it was negative, but it was late in the day. I guess next time I'll take a hpt in the morning so that way I'll know for sure. I've had more symptoms than just a missed period....


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Jenza - November 11

Good to know! I've missed i guess...3 periods now...which is VERY unusual for me....and my eating has been very weird too...(wanting foods I used to hate....eating more than I used to.....I used to HATE peanut b___ter but now I love it!) I've started to gain some weight, and my tummy has kind of a bulge thing going on right above my pubic area(and it's pretty obvious looking since I'm not a very big girl). Not to mention the emotionallness....ugh! But I had tests done....certainly long enough after....and they all came out negative. I don't quite know what to think:P Any thoughts on this?



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