Please Read Ladies Could Rly Use Your Advise Baby Dust X

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Jodie86 - May 18

Hello, well i'm already pregnant (10 weeks) but could really use some advise on my symptons?? Basically the first 9 weeks have been h__l, morning sickness, (so bad i actually had a week off work to get myself back to normal again) heart burn, tons of cm, mood swings, really sore bb's, but for the past couple of days, they seem to have all dissapeared, and i'm getting worried that something may be wrong with my baby? Does anyone have any ideas? I know most of you are tyring to concieve, and i really don't want it to sound like i'm being mean, just i use to come on this forum a lot when i was trying, and found the ladies in here the most helpful!! I haven't had a scan yet, and won't for another couple of weeks, so any advise would be REALLY helpful!!! Thank you, and i'm sending you all all the baby dust in the world! xxxxxxxx


Mandy1984 - May 18

it sounds normal to me, With my 1st pregnancy I had NO symptoms, with #2 I had sore ( . ) ( . )'ies, sickness, peeing more often then at about 11 weeks it just suddenly stopped, currently 19.5wks with #3 and have felt rotten from day 1, but every now and then everything would suddenly stop for a few days no symptoms ect.. but then they come back :( I think your pretty much ok


Emma2 - May 18

To be honest symptoms will gradually decrease and eventually stop but to have them stop in one shot is a little concerning. I am 13 weeks and at 10 weeks I went for a check up and my dr. asked if I still had symptoms and that having them completely come to a stop is not a good thing. I am not saying in your case its bad but I would def. go see your dr. and ensure all is fine! Good Luck


Jodie86 - May 18

Thank you for your replies! Emma2, i still have a couple, just nto as strong, from 5 weeks onwards i was being so sick, and really sore bb's, i was sick the other night, but haven't been since, and my bb's are stilla tad bit sore, but not like they were, i still can't eat too much either. I know this might sound totally random, btu last night, i had a dream that i had a boy and a girl, i gave birth to them at 10 weeks (now) but they were fully grown newborns????????????? It could just be me worrying too much, i've had a pretty hard pregnancy so far, problems with my heart etc, and i'm only 20 (on sunday) and my cm seems to have started up again since lunch time (england time). Mandy, did it just suddenly stop for you or was it a gradual thing?? Thank you xxx



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