Please Read Really Need Advice Im 18

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please - January 14

ok here's the thing i've posted before but havent really been answered the way i was expecting but i had my last "normal" period back on sept.12th very normal...but about 2 weeks later i had a light redish brownish bleeding that happened on and off for 2 days then went away, then i got my period on oct. 11th but it was really light and it ended 3 days early, and i have been having all these weird syptoms like major moodiness,i have back pain in lower back,get headaches,shortness of breath,and my belly pouches in the center but no fat around the hip bones just in the middle and it's hard, br___ts arent really sore but are bigger and have blue veins and goosebump looking things around the areolas, took 6 hpt's and 4 came back pos. went to planned parenthood twice and both came back neg. cuz i still get my period, so i have to go back again on the 24th to get tested again she said if this one came back neg. then i have to go to the hospital for a bllod test or ultrasound which should i do?i still get my period but some months it starts early and ends really early, and other months like this month it's normal, could i be pregnant, or am i thinking i am and theres no possible way


bump - January 14



Rachel - January 14

I have read on these boards that you can still bleed during your first trimester. Also, since you had 4 hpt's come back positive, you are most likely pregnant. It is very rare for there to be a false positive. False negatives are common due to different levels in your blood. Blood tests are most accurate. The ultrasound would actually show you a picture of the baby. Good luck.


Melissa - January 14

You should definately take a blood test to be sure. The urine tests aren't working as accurately as you'd like. You said the tests you took at planned parenthood were negative because you still get your period. Did you get your period in November, December & January? I wondering if the bleeding in October was implantation bleeding. Did you have s_x during the times that you ovulate? It does sound like you're pregnant but definately take the blood test to confirm it. The symptoms sound promising. Some woman still have their "period" the first 3 months of pregnancy. Let us know how it turns out for you. Also, do your parents know about this?


A - January 14

Yeah, you could be pregnant....a blood test will tell you for sure.



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