Please Reassure Me Plz

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unsure1 - May 4

i havent had s_x in about a month or two and i did get my period, but it was different. it lasted about 2 weeks which wasnt normal for me. now i dont know when to expect my next period and im starting to freak myself out. i know people say that if u get ur period at all ur not pregnant, but i guess i need reassuring. i really couldnt be pregnant right??? plz and thank you


unsure1 - May 5

bump, come on ladies plz


MB - May 5

Have u had any pg signs? are you trying to get pregnant.. But to ease your mind either way, I would go ahead and test.. Gl


Alison - May 5

Did you bleed continuously for two weeks? Was it at the normal time for when it was due? Hopefully it's not an early miscarriage. I would see your doctor if you are able to help put your mind at rest. I hope they can rea__sure you and that things will work out well for you. Take care xxx


unsure1 - May 5

my period started exactly around the same time as it was supposed to, but they have never started on a certain day, they have always just been around a certain time. they usually last a week but this time it was 2 and it started out light but ended up heavy. i dont think i have any pg signs ive just been a little moody and have had light cramps. i never missed a period and now i dont know when to expect this next one.


Rainbow - May 5

If you had a period for 2 weeks, it's unlikely there would be enough lining left to support any baby!! (You know the lining of the uterus builds up in anticipation of a baby, and then breaks down when it is no longer needed - because there is no baby to nourish.) I would not worry about being pregnant. As for predicting your cycle, that's difficult. But you could be ovulating as 'normal', despite the longer period. How regular are you? Was it really heavy for 2 weeks? It would be odd if it was heavy for that long, so I'm a__suming it kind of tapered off towards the end.



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