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Casey d - October 23

hey my question is can ur nipple grow bigger during pregnancy? not just the breat but the nipple by its self?


please answer - October 23



TO CASEY - October 23

Your not being ignored I expect that the ladies here just don't know. I have had 1 child and did not experience this but everyone is different so I cannot rule it out, but personally I haven't heard of it. The arolea (sp?)around the nipple darkens so it may make your nipple look bigger. Sorry I can't help more.


hi - October 23

my whole nipple area grew with my 1st pregnancy(some years ago now tho) the actual nipple did protrude quite alot, much to my dh happiness. ha ha!! they have never gone back to that pre pregnancy size. we are all different tho, so if you have no pain, weeping etc, dont worry too much, be proud of your new found bbs. :))


D - October 23

Yes it can.


Casey - October 24

how far into ur pg do u have to be before this happens?


Yep - October 24

I've heard of this happening.


hi - October 24

If I can remember back, the first few weeks I noticed the changes(I think upto 6wks preg) it was my 1st pregnancy,and subsequent ones I noticed signs earlier cos I new what to look for(changes in the 1st couple of wks) hope that helps.... babydust.......


lisa - October 24

i think it can but ask your doctor to be on the safe side. but if you think about it if your b___sts can enlarge then so can the nipple.


tf - October 24

Yes it can enlarge and even darken, it can start to happen in the first weeks of pregnancy, like 4-6 weeks in some women.


Caey - October 24

thanks ladies that helps. im still not sure if im pg but im going to take a hpt this wk, its just i feel like im pg, my b___bs seems bigger there not very sore every now and then they r. my tummy seems a bit bigger, but if i am pg then im 5 wk this also getting other signes like feeling light headed, bit sick all of a sudden, dizzy,tired really tired. does anyone think i could be pg? baby dust


Milly - October 24

maybe, maybe not.



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