Please Reply Cus Sometimes Yall Dont

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cass - October 23

hey i think i might be pregnant. i was having nausea alot (not so much anymore) but i have headaches, bbs growing, bloating, lots of saliva but mouth feels dry, anytime i drink something i have to pee, soreness in lower back and sides, and sleeping alot (last nite i stayed up til 3 but slept till 3 in the afternoon), and sometimes a fluttering feeling n my stomach. i cant take a pregnancy test till friday according to doctor. also is it a preg sign to have little cramps in my lower right side tummy?? please reply and tell me what you think!!! thanks sooo much


Kira - October 23

Sounds pretty good to me. Do you have a funny taste in your mouth?


ca__s - October 23

yea like i have really bad breath all the time... lol... but could it be in my head? i'm not due for my af till nov 1st...i had a 3 day one oct. 4th


Maggie - October 23

Ca__s your symptoms sound really positive. I had that lower right side pain in my first couple weeks (I'm 23 weeks now), and I think it could have something to do with ovulating on the right side. I got a very faint bfp 9dpo, and it was much darker by 11dpo. Do you have white lotiony cm (discharge)?


ca__s - October 23

i had some discharge earlier this week... it was milky white and lotiony... now i'm not really having alot but its white and milky. also is does ur chest feel heavy when u breath?? i've takin tests for two weeks and they were negative but the doc said it wont be accerate till next week.


karen - October 24

Maggie****i also have the white lotiony discharge. is this something you are having during your pregnancy?


Maggie - October 24

Yes, big time! I had white lotiony cm starting about 7dpo. That was a major symptom for me because it was something that I had never had. Unfortunately I have really big b___bs to begin with, so I always have a heavy feeling in my chest.


Jay - October 24

i have discharge, pee more, eat more, moan more, sleep more, af isni due until 5th novemeber but i have that wee pain in my lower left side kind of is that the same or does it need to be the right side


karen - October 26

Maggie**** have you felt any movement yet? i have been getting the feeling like a tickle, if a bug was crawling across my stomach.


alley - October 26

i was wondering if anyone could help period was 8 days late and when it happend it only lasted for 3 days with only minor cramps (usually they are very very hurtful) now i am hungry all the time, i have head aches and i have big time it possible that i could be pregnant??? if so when could i test???


kristal - October 26

hi everyone, I am 31 days late I have taken a preg test and it was negative today I had a clear egg lke discharge with a stream of blood in it does this sound familiar to anyone?


bubbablues - October 27

ok heres my confusing story, ok i had unprotected s_x round the time of ovulation, took hpt on the 17th oct neg, got what looked to be my period on the 20th a day early {mine is usually late by a day or on time } it lasted bout 4-5days went away i took a hpt today neg again and then today i got blood not to much just enought to fill 1 pad. i have early pg signes such as dizzy,headeaches,tired,moody very moody, my b___bs seem much bigger and my tummy seems different to, somedays i feel fine 1 min the next feel sick and getting heat flashes, no throwing up b___bs can be sore every now and then but not bad like it really hurts. one day i thought i had a matalic taste in my mouth. so yeah i dont no if im pg? im gonna try and see the doctor but im scared too. does anyone think i could be pg? if im pg im 5wks? also i remember having a pain in my lower right side a few days ago like a pulling thing? and i got an increase in discharge i noticed? help


Maggie - October 27

Hi Karen! es, I've felt movement, but I'm almost in my 3rd. trimester. I started feeling movement at 18 weeks.


Karen - October 27

Maggie***Thank you for answering my questions. Good luck to you and your new baby. :)



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