Please Someone Give Me Some Advice

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cazzyp - December 21

im sorry if this is long. on the 16/10 i had a period for 7days, then 11 days after i started feeling very nauseas, getting headaches. a couple of days later if i squeezed my nipples i would get milk out of them. i just didnt feel right. blue veins appeared all over my br___ts, was getting indigestion. then 4 days befor i was due i had pink spotting when i wiped, i was sure i was pregnant but my period arrive 2 days late on the 18/11, and they were very heavy, which just isnt me, my cycle is always 7days, but i bled for 2 days and then 2 days of brown blood which was light . still gettng all symptoms so i went to the doc and she took a blood test as she thought it might of been implantaion bleeding, as i have a history of bleeding in pregnancy, and late positives so even she thoughti might of been, but a wek later test says negative. im so confused i had some cramping again backache, stil have veins on br___ts, nipples lookingdarker and bumps around nipples have gotten bigger and whiter. i had another period on the 16/12 and the same thing happened 2 days of heavy bleeding and 2 days of brown discharge. still feeling weird i also had some swelling on my lega for a few days but that has gone. im so confusded any one please advice.


Grandpa Viv - December 21

I think another home test is in order, followed by another doc consult to see what else might be going on. Can an ovarian cyst cause this kind of upset? Good luck!


cazzyp - December 21

hi grandpa viv. thanks for replying. i checked out ovarian cysts. and i dont have any of the symptoms. guess i will have to go back to doc or get another test. thanks again. any other comments would be greatfully appreciated.


annmarie - December 21

That sounds very strange to me. I definitely think another doctor's appt is necessary. Implantation usually doesn't come in spurts and is not red and heavy. Good luck.


cazzyp - December 29

went back to the doca and she tested my hormone level, and she did a kidney function test, and they all came back normal, i am a little low on iron but that is normal for me and is being treated. still the same way, getting nausea not as much though, b___sts still leaking and still have the blue veins, nipples are darker, still having headaches. so im waiting for an appt for a ultrasound and that will tell me either way and will be a relieve. thanks for your responses.


stefkay - December 29

cazzy, have you had your prolactin levels checked? I'd ask your doctor about that.



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