Please Tell Me I Am Not Pregnant

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Yuna - November 10

Ok... So I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend like a couple of months ago and it made me all paranoid so I took a Pregnancy test.. I came of paranoid and I felt fine and happy and everything is great. Now We use protection no matter what, I want to get on the pill but my dad is against it cause he thinks he is giving me permission to go out and have s_x. Anyways, my point is I had s_x with him again with a condom and I read alot on how to put them on and what not to do and what to do. It's been three weeks since that time and I am having a symptom I have never had before. I br___t feel sore and sensative. Not even before I had my period did I get this.. ever! I also had my period, which lasted about 3 days and was more brown then red... Am I really pregnant? Is there something I can do... because I can't have this baby... My parents will disown me... Tell me I am not. Please God tell me I am not.


Tankisha - November 11

Gurl!I dont mean to bust your bubble bubt i think that you might bbe,because i mean,all the signs are there,d__n gurl,but itll be oright,you are not the girst and you are not the last,just keep your head,and God bless you,I'll pray for you, Yo Gurl Tankisha,mobile,alabama


Queen B - November 11

You used protection...a condom.. right? Did you notice if it broke or wasn't put on right? The chances of getting pregnant while using a condom (properly) is very low. Is your period late? When is it due? Sometimes your b___sts can hurt a little more when you are expecting your period. Just relax and don't stress out cuz that could mess up your next period (if it comes). If it doesn't come then go to your dr. they can find out if you are pregnant or if something else is wrong. You can also tell your dr. that your periods aren't regular and you would like to go on the pill just to regulate it.... then maybe he can explain this to your dad too. I was 15 when I was put on the pill and that was only to regulate my periods (I was not s_xual active at all). Wish you luck.


Grandpa Viv - November 11

Your dad needs to get a reality check. When your daughter asks to go on the pill, it means she's having s_x or about to, no matter what, and she needs good advice, not lectures. You should take another home pregnancy test at home, one now and a second in another week if the first shows negative. In the USA call 1-800-230-PLAN for the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic, or look up the Health Department in your county and call to ask for their pre-natal clinic. Either will help determine your situation and resolve the oucome. For the record, the best advice I can give you is for you to say to your dad "Can we talk about that birth control pill thing again. I think it might have been a mistake not to get started". Unfortunately, we see too many families where this kind of open communication seems not to be an option. You can talk to me more at [email protected] if you find you need support through what may be a trying experience.


Erin - November 11

I beg to differ Grandpa Viv, when I was 15 or 16 I went on the pill only to regulate my cycle, like Queen B. Sometimes I would get a period sometimes I wouldn't, sometimes I would get one every other week - it was hell! So getting on the pill for regulation purposes is realistic.


Grandpa Viv - November 11

Erin, you need to read Yuna's question as well as my response. It will make more sense when you do.


Audrey - November 11

It's unfortunate that Yuna's father feels that way. I too had irregular periods as a teenager and they were heavy and painful. Going on the pill was a blessing, and I was on it for more than two years before becoming s_xually active.


Yuna - November 12

Than you all for your support. I have yet to find out if I really am. It's really hard to find someone who will buy it for me. I can't ask my dad either. My mother died of cancer 2 years ago and it seems like It would be so much easier if she were still here to help and give me advice. So that is why I usually come to these places. I am glad everyone here has been so supportive and helpful. But I am so paranoid, can the symptons show really as earlier as 3 weeks?


Audrey - November 12

It all depends at what point in your cycle you were when you had s_x. Ovulation occurs approximately two weeks after the first day of your period. The "fertile window" would be approximately two days before to two days after that date, given a regular cycle. Initial pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman, which is why it can be hard to tell the difference between early pregnancy and PMS.



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