PLEASE Tell Me If This Is A Sign Freaking Out

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xcapitalslashx - May 18

Right, so, I'm not even late or anything yet, but I'm still quite terrified that I could be pregnant. My period shouldn't be for another week at least and I'm already experiencing br___t tenderness, which is not normal for me. I've also been crying more aptly and I am (thankfully) not affected in that way before my period - also not normal. Now, I know it can mean nothing, but I may have found something that could point to me not being pregnant. I am aware that during your period you have different amounts of va___al secretions, and usually you have more when you're ovulating/the egg is waiting to be fertilized. I started experiencing the greater amount so.. I'm wondering could it be possible that it's a sign that I'm not pregnant because it could be my body indicating that there's still an egg to be fertilized? As in... it's still expecting the egg to be fertilized so it's still creating a greater amount? PLEASE answer.


andesue - May 18

Well, those things you mentioned could definitely be pg symptoms but could also mean that af is different this month or stress or just mother nature playing tricks on you. Are you using any type of birth control? Do you know when (about) you would ovulate? You should only get the cm that is "fertile" for about 3 days around the time of ovulation and it should be like egg whites, clear, very slippery, and stretchy (but, everyone is different). So, also, some women, a lot of women actually experience increased cm (usually they say it is white) as an early pregnancy symptom. It would probably be too soon to test since you are not due for your period for a week, you could try one now and then again in a week if you'd like... they are not supposed to be completely accurate until 5 days or so before your MISSED period, meaning 5 days before you would have completely missed it, like if your period is 5 days long, then it would be supposedly accurate the first day your period should have started... make sense? hope so, good luck!


xcapitalslashx - May 18

I was ovulating when I had s_x on the day that I would have possibly gotten pregnant. He was wearing a condom, used very correctly, and I was using spermicide, also used very correctly. Also, I haven't had a period since I've become active with him, so I might end up with that whole deal of my period coming later because of s_xual activity.


andesue - May 19

Well, honestly, it sounds like with the spermacide and condom, your chances of being pg are pretty darn slim, like 1-3%. Good job on using two methods, I know it sucks to have questions and fears.... Good luck!


xcapitalslashx - May 19

thankyou very much.



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