Please Tell Me If This Sounds Like Pregnancy

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rianne - November 14

i had a period from 28th oct-4th nov. i have had s_x 3 times on different days with no protection since. Now i'm having cramping similar to period pain, back ache, frequent urination, tirdeness, felling very low, i feel sick a bit, hungry but easily full up....that lasts for a few hours at a time. hungry at night mainly. i did a pregnancy test today that came back negative. i have an increase in va___al fluid but no bleeding. I have 1 toddler but found out i was pregnant when i was 7 weeks gone so i wasn't aware of the very early stages. going to see my doctor tomorrow but i know he'll say it's nothing! what can i do?please help me!:0)


rianne - November 16

someone pleeeeeeeeease help!answers! the pregnancy test came back neg. i'm not having the nasuea anymore only cramping, tiredness and mood swings along with frequent urination and increased discharge. help! lol!


ren - November 16

when is your period due? You should be able to test acuately a coupel dasy before your next period. If you have a normal cycle then your af won't be due until next week. If that is the case then you are testing too early. Try testing again next week. Good Luck


RMT - November 16

Hey Rianne. I have had the same syptoms as you. My b___st are tender and painful (as if they're growing) and I am having light cramps, and increased v____al/ cervical muscus. My period was a bit odd as well. Only lasting 4 days. Started on the 30th of October and ended on the 3rd of November. So it's hard to tell at this point what is really going on. However, cramping and tender b___st a week and some change before I start AF is a bit interesting expecially when I have not experienced this before. In short if you feel you are then go to the doctor, but I'm going to not look into more than it is until I am late on my period! :-)


To early - November 16

If your period was from 10-28 to 11-4 then right now you are probably getting ready to ovulate or have just finished ovulating. You probably get ovulation cramps, and your ewcm was your increased discharge. Also when you ovulate that can make you tired. There is no way that you could be pregnant now and a doctor would not be able to tell you either. You need to wait until at least November 28th to take a pregnancy test.


b - November 16



rianne - November 17

How is there no way i could be pregnant now? i worked out that i ovulated on 11th nov. i had s_x the 8th,10th,13th,15th november. probably not pregnant i have a feeling i am convincing myself i am as i had 2 wierd dreams prior to all these symptoms and it was about me being pregnant. Sad!i know i just can't make head nor tail of it! period due roughly round 28th nov. Time will only tell!lol! :0) i had no symotoms when i was pregnant with my son until i was 7 weeks pregnant. totally oblivious to them and now i look for the slightest symptom. i'm a nightmare on legs at min! keep thinkin i can feel flutterin which i know is impossible at this stage even if i was to be pregnant! :0) thanks u guys 4 ur help :0)


Donna - November 18

it sounds like you are and i am having the same things as you


rianne - November 18

seriously donna? u really think so? what symptoms r u havin tho? mine seem to be varying at the moment. i'm not even noticing em hardly now but i feel like i am! it's so difficult. they shud have a pregnancy test thst can tell the result from the day you conceive. but that;s impossible!


Jen - November 19

I once had all these symptoms and more and was not pregnant. I have no idea what caused it all but I was disappointed/shocked when AF came. As a female I think our bodies like to trick us. How did u not know you were 7 weeks in your previous pregnancy? Did you still get a normal af? Good luck.


rianne - November 23

hey my period is now 2days late. i found out by a pregnanct test last time and falling asleep everyday at 7pm and up at 11am i was so tired and nauseas also had v late period but like they say...every pregnancy is different and the 2nd pregnancy is meant to be a lot more better as my first was horrible i was really ill v bad sickness and hospitalised with severe chicken pox. i nearly miscarried.I don't think i'm pregnant now my body is just playin about!


Christy - November 25

Hi Rianee... I have 4 children and me and hubby want one last one and have only been TTC for two months. Like you I keep thinking my mind and body are playing tricks on me. I started on 11/3 and by O Calendars and predictors it said I should have O'd around 11/16 .... anyway about 4 days afterward I started cramping and have cramped a little each day ever since. I know my body and have never done this before. Also had a wave a nausea last night at dinner and couldnt even eat. Today I havent been nauseated any but still had slight cramps and increased discharge. This is new to me so I am hoping for the best but trying not to get my hopes up to much . Please post a update as soon as you figure out what may be going on with you . This is driving me crazy.... My b___sts have also been sore about the last 3 days, but they also get a little sore near time for my period to start. But the cramps I have never had after ovulation..... Good Luck to everyone TTC Baby dust to all of you !!!!


rianne - November 28

well, my period was due the 24th i's now 4 days late so i have no idea whats happenin. have done 3 tests each 1 was negative.last night after s_x i spotted a little blood asumin my period was here, when i woke up it was'nt. i really have no idea what the hell is goin on i have a sore tummy, tiredness, sore b___sts, a little bit of nausea have put on a couple of pounds and have bloated a bit. i guess it's just a waitint game huh, christy?


Christy - November 28

it sure seems that way Rianne ...especially when you have a lot of symptoms too... I am now 12 dpo and Af should arrive sometime this week...went ahead and tested this morning and got a bfn .... so I guess I will wait for Af and give it a shot next month...all we can do is keep trying...Lots of Baby dust to you


lindsay - November 28

hey y'all, i've miscarried before and i've been having pg symptoms for the past two months, but tests come back neg. well, i had my period nov 11-16(it came 5 days early) and a couple days after my af, i started spotting for about an hour. what does this mean? any help would be great, thanx


bump - November 28



rianne - November 30

hey u guys i guess this means i'm not pregnant as i have got my period now and it's very heavy. feelin quite unwell this time which is wierd. it was 6 days late and it still doesnt explain the spotting i incurred for a short while on sunday 11/27 but who knows? all i know is there is no chance i am pregnant now.....or is there?



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