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Laci - October 27

hey yall i usually have a 30 day cycle and this month i had a 24 day cycle, which is not normal for me, it was alot lighter and shorter than normal, since then i have only gotten really sick once, and i have all the other symtoms, but it is to early to test. do you think i might be pregnant or am i just crazy... please tell me something good.


staci - October 27

yes there is a posibility that you are could have experienced IB...i've read many articles on this subject because many women like to argue that it isn't common etc....but it is more common than people think....some of the articles i have read say that it can seem like a shorter lighter than normal period(just as you explained yours) and a little earlier or at the time af should show, and this is the major cause of the EDD being wrong..women think they really had their period and they were actually pg....most women do experience just a little blood or a brown sticky discharge, but that is not all women...i'm not telling you this to get your hopes up, just wanted to let you know that it is possible.....if you google implantation bleeding it will give you LOTS of sites to go to, you can do that while waiting out the days to test....if you do turn out pg let everyone know.... good luck!


Laci - October 28

hey i wanted to thank you for responding its nice to have someone to talk to. well i took a preg. test and there was a very faint line, so now im confused... shouldnt it be dark if i had IB on the 14th???


RMT - October 28

Well, this more thank likely letting you know that you are pregnant. Even though the hpt stick read a faint positive you have all the right signs, and it's just that the pregnancy hormone hcg has not been detected or is very low in your body. If you would to go to the dr. and get a blood test that is a direct source for the hcg hormone then you would get a difient positive; if in fact your pregnant, which I am a__suming that you are.:-) Good luck.


kat - October 29

sounds good to me a line is a line all be it faint, if its there, thats a pos in my book CONGRATS to you........


Laci - October 31

hey thanks for the support yall, i took another test and guess what it the line is a little darker, (yay...) so im going to go to the doc next week. i really apreciate the responces yall really helped me ALOT!!! thank you.


staci - October 31

laci congrats! i got faint +'s with my 1st for a long time so i don't think how dark it is really matters in most cases.....this is so wonderful! so happy for you! good luck!



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