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Peg - January 16

I am at 3 months ttc. I am on a thirty day cycle. My past two af have been VERY predictable. I stopped taking birth control in Oct. This month I had EVERY symptom. My husband was convince as was I, that I was pregnant. Af was supposed to start on the 13th. I started cramping 3 dpo (Dec 29th was when I O'ed) Accomanied by cm discharge. I started to have brown/pink discharge on the 11th (two days early) my af came on the 12th. I threw-up that evening. Stopped on the 13th, heavy spotting that same evening and now I have had VERY strechy brown discharge. My af usaully lasts 48 hours and I never have cramping untill the first day then stops a few hours after I start. Who has had what they thought was a normal af, but then found out it was implantation? This af is vary strange. It has seemed normal, but now I am wondering. I am usualy very dry after af but I ham strechy cm. . Do you think I could really be pregnant? Thanks Peggy


Bump - January 16

Please help!!!


KIDESIGN - January 17

Peg youve got my same story.. I started two days early with a brown discharge- then blood came for one day and now is ending with the brown discharge. I also had every symptom of pregnancy before all this.. I was so convinced, now just confused. I wish someone else had our same story so that we will know! What about the Montgomery tubercles (bumps around the nipple area) do you have those? I notice them to be very prominent.. Good luck- Im thinking in a couple weeks I will test again. I think I conceived on New Years eve.. so maybe too soon to miss a period? I had a friend that had 2 periods while pregnant- she said they were normal.. I never really examined the blood before like I do now.. Every time I wipe its a brownish pink- mixed with dark red at times.. after reading about implantation- Im hoping thats what this is...



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