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cassie2 - April 30

heres my story again: i had unprotected s_x 7-8 days ago and my last period was 9 days ago but today i had a little brown discharge and a litle red when i pee. yesterday i had a pain in my right side and im waking up feeling a bit ill like a stomache bug but dont actually be sick i also had a bit of stomach cramping this morning. my periods are always on time and i find it strange that i have this discharge now (9 days later). I also keep having mood swings. how long is it after s_x that you can take a pregnancy test? and does it sound like symptoms of pregnancy?


Faith1 - April 30

did you have a normal period.was it the usual number of days and was anything abnormal about the bleeding.the only way i could say you were pregnant is if instead of a period that was implantation bleeding.


Faith1 - April 30

if you miss your mext period then you can take a test.and it may be a little early for those just have to wait it out and see what happens.good luck.


kelley32 - April 30

Some STDs can also cause v____al bleeding and pain in pelvic region, if I were you I would go to the doctor.


ca__sie2 - April 30

o god! ok i will thnx


Lin - April 30

It's unlikely that you're pregnant if you had s_x 2 days into your period. The spotting and pain you're having now is most likely due to ovulation.


LadyD - May 2

ca__sie, it could be ovulation bleeding. I had the same thing 9 days after my af last month and I had it a few days ago and my next af is due 5/16 and I am cramping a lot, so I know I ov'd w/in the last 4 days. I can't pinpoint the exact day, if it was before the blood or after. It's possible to get pg a few days after your af, too. Every women is different, it depends when you ovulate. Some ovulate during their period, that's why if you are ttc you should start to know your cycle and body better, watch it from day to day, month to month, I started doing that about 3 months ago & this site has some great advice and help. Me, personally, I just look for cm, and feel for cramping, spotting, anything that reminds me of pregnancy. I don't temp, though, b/c I am not desperate yet. (Not to talk about anyone here, but I am more in to the "wait until it happens before I try EVERY measure).



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