Plugged Ears And Early Symptoms Please Help

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Jenn - August 15

My ears were plugged up for a week straight and I didn't have a cold or the this a sign of pregnancy? Also, my period is about a week late...still no sign! Someone please early after a missed period do symptoms start happening?


Jenn - August 15

can anyone offer any advice??? plezzzzzzz!


mary - August 15

Ye, that can be a sign of pregnancy. I actually went to an ear specialist because I was having the same problems with my ears(althought not pregnant) the first thing my Dr. asked me was I pregnant. I said no, why. He stated that the some women get presure build up in the ears when they are pregnant.


Jenn - August 15

Thank you so much Mary for responding! I am already about 2 weeks late and couldn't understand why my ears were clogged for a week! That's probably why!


... - August 15



Jenn - August 15

I took a test over the weekend but it was negative. I think it's too soon.


Jenn - August 15

My ears are never clogged either, so that's why a "red flag" went up when they were. I had my husband dump peroxide down them...but it didn't work too good!


N - August 15

I think this is very possible too. With my last pg my sinuses got plugged and I've had the same thing this week for the last 3 days (10 dpo). I think it's all related (ears, nose, throat...).


joka - January 21

Hi Jenn, did you ever find out the reason? I am in the same boat now. My period is already late 3 weeks, last week I took the HPT and came negative (I did in the afternoon), last saturday I woke up with my ears clogged. It's been like that on and off since then. Yesterday I had my 6 months follow up with my OBGYN and mentioned about the ears, she said that never have heard about this happening. ?!  I took another urinary test there and was negative. 

I don't have flu, cold or runny nose that could indicate any illness. 

If it is not too much to ask you, I would like to know what happened to you, was there any diagnose, treatment, for example. Thanks!



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