Plus Sized And Possibly Pregnant

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Krismas - November 23

I was just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem I am. I haven't had a nomal period since July 28. Before that I was always on a 28 day cycle...never late. I have been through many...many home tests(some negative...some questionable), urine test and blood test from the doctor.....all negative. But I have had so many symptoms of pregnancy including my br___ts started leaking. I have a daughter but she is 12 years old. When I mentioned that to my doctor...all he said was "If you have had a child they can do that." I was like....they dont "not leak" for 12 years, then all of a sudden start back up again. I just find that my doctor is not listening to me because of my size. I have been to see him 4 times and he hasn't even looked at exams at all. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, and eventuallly found out that they were indeed pregnant. I find this upsetting because according to my calculations and the symptoms I could be in the 15-17+ week area. I felt so confident on the fact that I was pregnant that I started taking pre-natal vitamins just in case, because if I waited for my doctor, I wouldn't get them until after the baby was born. I have finally convinced the doctor to send me for an ultrasound, beacuse he wanted to give me a 10 day hormone prescription to force my period to start, but he couldn't tell me if it would hurt anything if I was indeed pregnant, so my husband told him we demanded an ultrasound. If anyone has any advice, or similar experiences, please let me know. It is going to be a long wait until Monday when I get the results of the ultrasound.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 23

Sounds like you did the right thing and are on yoru way to some answers.. good luck You might want to check out this web site also....


Krismas - November 23

Thank you, I will check out that site


E - November 23

Well, here is what I know from experience. I started lactating at the age of 16 due to an elevated prolactin level (no reason). When you have an elevated prolactin level, it is normal for your period to stop. I still lactate and it is 15 years later. Some women lactate for no reason other than your pituitary gland has some cells which are sending the signal to release prolactin. I am not saying you are not pregnant, just that is a real and logical explanantion for the disappearance of your period and the lactation. Let us know what happens. I am happy to tell you more if you need. :)


Mary - November 23

Your doctor sounds like a complete jerk. I would get some references and possibly try to find another doctor who is a little more sensitive to your concerns.


Krismas - November 23

Thank you for all the info....I will let you know what the outcome is. The funny thing is....the veins in my b___sts and chest just keep getting darker and more prominent as time goes on as well as the areola is significantly darker as well. We will find out soon enough I guess :)


Christine - November 24

Krismas...I just wanted to say good luck..and yeah your doc sounds a little on the jerk side...anything is possible I know a girl who never got a + sign on either hpt/blood tests...and indeed she has been pregnant 3 times...the first time she ended up having an abortion due to the doc sending her for a d__n x ray...her choice to have the abortion due to worrying whether the baby would come out with malformations...then again she was pregnant...found out with a sonogram...but ended up miscarrying...and the last time...she had a beautiful little daughters 1/2 good luck...funny things do happen...keep us informed


Krismas - November 25

Thanks Christine! I know it can I am keeping my fingers crossed :)



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