Plz Answer Could Signs Be Showing This Early

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Kandi - October 9

hey everyone. i was just wondering how early any one has had frequent trips to the loo as a result of pregnancy? i have been pregnant once but it ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks and i never really got the urge to pee more often. i would have only ovulated a couple of days ago so that is why i think i am kidding myself. this morning i went to the toilet 6 times in a space of about 3 and a half hours. (when i probably would hardy go six times in one day) Has this happened to anyone this early in their pregnancy? i have been ttc again for about 4 months and im really hoping, but at the same time thinking that i am reading too much into it. So anyone...please if youve experienced anything like this please let me know. i really appreciate it


Ana - October 9

Me too....but I think my urges come from a UTI that never cleared up completely. I don't know. Every symptom I have can also be explained away by something else! FRUSTRATING.


kandi - October 9

thanx ana. i know i know. last month i thought i was pregnant for sure. i was sooooo moody and all the rest and yes it is REALLY frustrating!!!! i really hope this is the month but i fear that it could be way too early for that sign to be showing at all like i said last time that wasnt even a symptom for me. how long u been trying for ana?.........anyone else gone through this too? please let me know


Danielle - October 10

when i was preg, i noticed i was peeing more about 2 days before af was due, and it only got worse after that but unfortunitly i had m/c at 13 weeks, but i did notice have to pee more early on its the reason i tested


tab - October 10

u will not show signs of preg until ur body recognizes u r preg and i think that is after implantation. When I was preg, I started going like a week or a few days before af was due. 2 days is too early. If I were u, I would try not to think about it at all, keep urself occupied and don't ask any questions about signs. Reason be... no one will know for sure and u will be stressed out and if u r not preg, ur af will come late and then u will take 20 tests saying is it too early to get a bfp. You know the deal. This month, I have just relaxed, I have barely posted and I refuse to even think about being preg until I miss my af or I start going to the loo frequently at night. Ttc is so stressful when ur always wondering the day after ov if u got preg when in reality it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 days for conception to be complete. If I am wrong ladies feel free to correct me. :) I don't even know if I ov this weekend or not, all I know is I was very very wet. Who cares anyway, it will happen when the time is right. Good luck to everyone this month!!! :)


kandi - October 10

thax. i thought it would be too early. i just dont know what would explain that. i know, its extremely hard not to think about. i really like ur att_tude tab, i wish i could be that strong and positive. to me, the time is right now and i just dont understand how it happens to some people when they dont even try and not to others that have been trying forever so it seems. im not stressed or anything, but it is always on my mind. i just found out my best bud is pregnant with her second and someone else who i know who is only 14. it just makes me angry. (not my friend being pregnant-i am very happy for her) thanx for your help guys, if anyone else knows otherwise please reply. thanks a million



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