Plz Convince M Im Not Stupid

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K_UK - October 10

well, im due on on the 13th Oct, 2 days last week i had slight cramping, i got tubercles over both areolas (normally get bout 5 on the bottom right one) veins are more noticeble under and around areola, and my bbs feel very heavy and quite sore, i havent had sore bbs since i came off the pill in may. i feel cm down there and generally my cervix is high, but today about 40mins ago i started with af aches and i now feel foolish for even thinking i might be pg... what does every1 else think, plz help a sorry for herself sausage :oS


Becca - October 10

Well, it sounds like you are a few days away from knowing for sure. Have you tested yet? A lot of women feel AF cramps and end up being pg, so that symptom doesn't rule anything out. You know your body better than anyone. I think you should test with FR if you can't wait.


? - October 10



K_UK - October 10



K_UK - October 10

i would take a test but i when i was pg in march (had m/c) i didnt get + pee result. im just fed up with myself as this month i felt different to the other months but obv mind playing tricks :o(


K_UK - October 10

im so p****d off right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bean - October 10

I agree with Becca. There's not much you can do right now besides wait wait wait. I know how much it sucks... but... Try FR (First Response) with fmu (first morning urine) and good luck!!!


fd - October 10



K_UK - October 11

for now the af aches have gone, but last night when i checked my cervix i swear it was open, it was soft and mid height, this morning it was high and soft, i dont want to test cos im sure my body doesnt like hpts lol i would just like ppls opinions please, thanks :o)


K_UK - October 11

took FR test, - result af due in 2 days, not happy, o well


d - October 11

I am in the same spot. I have veins showing all over top, bottom, side now. and other signs that could be along with it.


K_UK - October 11

have u tested yet d? i amm sure af is coming4 me. good luck



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