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suresh007 - August 12

my gf had her period on the 18th of april 2008.n her last day was 22-23rd of april.n on d 12th of may we had got a lil physical.she was givin me a blowjob.but i didnt c_m.we stopped bfor dat.n in between i had touched my p__s 1-2 times.though i dnt think i hv touched d head of my p__s.n den after some 15-20 minutes i fingered her im afraid cud d prec_m which cud hv been der got into her va___a.n i remember i dried my hands after touching my p__s.n den after 1 week on d 19th of may she had her next period.but d amount of blood was less n she is sure dat it wasnt like spotting.n den she had another period on d 30th of june.n dat time also d blood was little less dan normal.n shes used 2 hving irregular periods.n den in august 1st week she had a brown discharge for 5-6 days.she never had ANY symptoms of pregnancy.n nw 2day she has a pain in d upper has got a lil btr but she still has it wen she moves.n i think if shes pregnant,she shld b in d 17th week of pregnancy.n till dis day she didnt hv any of d symptoms.her br___ts r normal,she didnt hv nausea.she didnt hv headache,no morning sickness n neither an increase in va___al discharge.cud she b pregnant? plz help me..!!


babyanthony - August 12

There is no way she could be pregnant, from pre-c_m (s____n) being on your fingers, and later your fingers being inserted into her v____al area. Semen dies when it hits the outside air, and pre c_m on your fingers is not enough to get her pregnant. Sounds like she is having a long, and weird cycle. Many women have cycles like your mentioning, anything can cause a womans body to act differently, including stress. Use protection next time, so you don't have to worry! Good luck dear.


suresh007 - August 13

n d thing is her upper abdomen is btr.......actually it got btr by yday nite.....soo it must hv been an upset stomach or sumthn........!! n thnk u for ur advices....waiting for more advices.....



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