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help1234 - June 13

hi my girlfriend has recently started having stomach aches.....they have been getting worse and we have become worried......first of all we haave always used a condom and i always pullled out before i came with the condom also... ---. we have never had any scary issues such as condom breaking or anything... now her stomach has an ache and has been getting worse......she also has headaches and says her br___ts are not sore....her stomach makes her sick all day to the point of almost puking. it hurts right under the belly button almost. has a small odor.. her period is supposed to be this comming friday which is 3 days...... so she hasnt missed it but she is soooooo scared and stressed one would think it would throw it what do these signs mean? could it be somthing else? hopefully not pregnant...any help would be great.....thanks in advance.


Danielle26 - June 13

That doesn't sound like pregnancy to me. I would see a doctor, there are a lot of things that could go wrong with your stomach, like an ulcer, or irritable bowel syndrome. Stomachache in itself is not a sign of pregnancy. And from all the stress she could possibly make her period late, though it's unlikely unless she was stressed around the time she ovulated. Get that girl to a doctor. If it gets a lot worse, take her to the emergency room. Good luck.


helpme123 - June 14

thank you so much...


mgn - June 14

dear helpme, sounds like she is not preggers. stomach ache is not a sign. i would wait until friday (destress as much as possible) and take a test. if neg, take another one on sunday to be sure (they come in packs of tow usually) hope she feels better soon.


Citrine - June 14

Sorry to say, but I don't think I'd rule it out. If you are not sure even after the hpt, or even now, I'd see if she can get a blood test done at her ob-gyn or clinic to rule it out. The hpt may give a negative for awhile, even when she is actually pregnant (I've read for even 2 weeks after her period is late). Plus, some women still get their period for the first few cycles even when pg. Some very young women/girls sometimes seem to be able to sail through a pregnancy like its nothing compared to even women in their 20s, so symptoms could be different too. I'm not an expert, but I recommend getting a blood test to be sure and have some peace of mind. Best of luck to you both!



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