Plz Read 15 And May Be Preg

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confused k - July 24

: Hi um the day b4 i went on the depo me and my Bf fooled around and i think i got some prec_m in me from him and the next day i went on the depo and i feel so preg i have a lil belly and alot of the symptoms to but could this be possible,with me being preg?and i havent had my period for 3 months


Bannie - July 18

Have you taken a pregnancy test? I understand your concern...I haven't had my period since April. Good Luck!! :)


confused k - July 18

i havent taken one yet!!


confused k - July 18

but do you think its possible for me to be preg?


Shari - July 18

It could be possible for you to be pregnant depending on what time in your cycle you had s_x and if you ro your boyfriend were using protection. I would go and get a home pregnancy test and try that, if you are still confused or unsure I would go to the doctors. Remember too, that alot of the symptoms of prengnancy are so varied and normal that they can be related to different things, such as stress, change of lifestyle ect. I think with most cases and ways of contraception there is no 100% chance that you are not prengnant, but it is always good to make that chance a very small one. I would also see what effect the depo shots have also, I kno I am on BCP and don't know much about the depo shots, as it may be a side effect of that, but I would deffinatley have a pregnancy test done, and then work things out from there.. don't stress, whatever happens it will be okay... good luck hun :-)


confused k - July 18

thank-you shari for your advice imma go buy a preg test once i get my check thanks


monica - July 19

Hey, I'm 17, and I kinda know what you're going through. I'm having some trouble and hope I'm not pregnant also. I currently switched over my birth control from depo to ortho-evra. When I was on Depo, since you have to be on your period to get the shot, I was bleeding. I was then told your period could stop for three months completely, and you wont know you're pregnant unless you get a pregnancy test. Though, while I was on depo I didn't stop bleeding for three months, which is also quite possible. If not having your period for three months is what you're basing the pregnancy off of, I wouldn't be worried too much. Though I would still go get a home pregnancy test and check it out for sure. I hope I helped. Good luck.


confused k - July 19

thanks monica.


freestar - July 23

i hope everything works out for you young girls, try to talk to someone if you can such as a mother figure or an older friend. dont risk giving up all that teenage freedom just for a few minutes of pleasure. good luck with everything and you are in my prayers!!


confused k - July 23

thank you all for your advice


sam - July 24

you do put on weight whilst on the depo and also it stops your periods. I was on the depo for 3 years and did not see a period.Take a test just to be sure.



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