Plz Read Re Early Pg Symptoms

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Rebecca - December 3

hi ladies...hopefully someone has some input for me. I have 2 sons and my husband and I are ttc cycle is normally about every 30 days...I got my period on Nov. 14th-17th last month. I used ovulation tests and got a positive reading (which disappeared after 3 min?) on the 28th of Nov. We had s_x on the 25th,26th,27th,28th, and the 29th. On the morning of the 29th (mon) I had lower cramping in my abdomen but no period type pains. They were different. On Tues I had a flush feeling majority of the day-almost like a low grade fever...this feeling has lasted off and on for days now...the entire week so far. On Weds and Thurs I wiped and had some pink gooey mucus there...but only on the toilet paper...not my underwear. Today, friday, i have very swollen and tender gums. I work for a dentist so I know it's nothing teeth related! I had this during both of my prev pg but I feel like it's too early to have any of these symptoms this early. I guess I'm wondering if anyone else had these during very early pregnancy. You would think after 2 kids I'd know!! The difference is our 1st 2 kids weren't really I didn't think to "look" for any of these that we are trying I am noticing them! I don't want to get my hopes up but based on the dates does any of this seem like pregnancy?? I would be do to get my period around Dec 14th-it's now the 5th. Thank you so much everyone!


donna - December 3

first your period is not due yet, but the good thing is your are trying on the days of ovulating. the pink mucus is really a good sign, that is the same thing i had to happen to me. another thing all of your pregnancies will not be the same. good luck to you and your husband! come back and let know. oh write down the times you feel different, and how your body is reacting to the pregnancy.


LeAnn - December 4

Hi Rebecca I am soo confused, I have alot of the same signs I too had a period from 11/25-11/29. It was a weird period, not like my others, lasted 2 days less. I had a low grade fever on the 3rd day of my period that lasted 2 hours or so, my period ended on Monday and today is Saturday and I'm cramping and have pinkish discharge some times when I wipe. This morning when I brushed my teeth my gums were bleeding also. I don't know what to think?? I don't feel right. I have been taking the train to work for 5 years and this week I felt sick on it twice. Any one have any answers???


Courtney - December 4

I had my period on Nov.22,23,24 and very light on the 25 & 26 . I normally have a medium heavy period that lasts for 5 days. And you know, Rebekah I have 3 kids and all my pregnancy signs have been totally different, so I am not sure if I am or not. I have been feeling nauseated,a fullness in my abdomen, heartburn, a crampiness in my stomach,dizziness and extreme sleepiness. I planned all my other kids using the 9-14 days after my period and was pregnant during that time everytime. We were planning on having another on but wanted to wait a couple of more months to start trying because my youngest is 15months(others are 7 & 4). I have normal egg white like mucus. I have never had symptoms like this in my previous pregnancies so this is strange to me . I think I am supposed to have my period the week of Dec 20 but I can't stand the suspense of thinking I might be preg. Most women know when they don't feel like there normal self . I wonder if I should wait until I actually miss my period or test sometime soon...... thanks for any advise


donna - December 4

if you test now you will get a negative. i am in the same position you all are in , but i have to wait. i have spent previous months thinking i was pregnant almost every month, but come to find out i had a cyst, sometimes cyst will make you feel pregnant. now if you period does come down you need to have your doctor to check you for other female problems. but i hope you are pregnant, let us know.



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