PMS But No Period Pregnant

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Mel - January 12

Hi, everyone. I stumbled onto this site, and I hope you all take a little time to read my story and perhaps offer some advice... I am feeling very worried/excited that I may be pregnant, and so is my fiancee, but I am not sure of the time frame as to when I might have conceived. My last normal period was 12/4/04, and before that, 11/3/04, 10/4/04. I am VERY regular, and always have the same PMS symptoms. This month (Jan.), I have missed my period, by about 8 days as of today. My fiancee and I have had s_x sporadically during December, and a LOT on Jan.1-3, which is about when I would have expected my period, but we are always careful. Last week I had a dizzy/faintly nauseous spell at work, accompanied by a hot flash or something, and left early. The next day I also felt faintly nauseated (but no vomiting at all), and I began to be concerned. The odd thing is that I have been having cramps just as I would before a period; lower-stomach menstrual kind of cramps, and also some br___t soreness (mostly around my nipples), as well as the feeling of wetness, that I would SURELY start my period at any minute, but this is also normal PMS. I took an EPT test on Sunday 1/9/05 which was negative (and we were a little disappointed), but I read online that you can take them too early. This morning is the first time in a few days that I have woken up with no cramps, no br___t tenderness (well, just my nipples now), and I still kind of feel that weird nausea, it comes and goes. Otherwise, I have no flaming symptoms of pregnancy, besides that I can't stop thinking that I am. Could it be that its a pyschological thing? I wasn't trying to conceive. Also, if I did take the first test too soon, when should I test again? Does any of this sound like signs of pregnancy? And why do I still have PMS cramps if so (they come and go)? This morning (01/12), I took another EPT with first morning pee... NEG! Its making me crazy, the wondering. I'm trying not to get excited, b/c that is two negatives, but I don't understand why I missed a period, had all the PMS symptoms, and still no AF! The cramping is back today, although much milder. The other thing is that I don't think we had s_x during my ovulation time; could I be PG anyway? Can anyone here please help? Any words of advice would be cherished!


Mel - January 12

PS: I apologize that the post was sooo long, I guess I just have too many questions!


Michelle - January 12

Your story sounds exactly like mine. However I haven't taken a test yet. I thik I might today. I would love to hear some responses.


jennifer - January 12

i'm going through a similar situation myself...supposed to have started AF 1/3...nothing. felt like i was going to start any minute for about a week...and still nothing. started to wonder if i might be preg and took a test on day 38 of a normally 35 day cycle. NEG. my husband and i just ttc for the first time this past month...had s_x during ovulation...and just left it up to fate. now, my b___sts are heavy and sore (which is normal before i start my period), i am really really bloated....feeling very fat!, and i'm sicky feeling off and on. i, like you, am very scared to take another test...i don't want it to be negative!!! but, as they say, every woman's body is different and hormone levels are different in everyone. i just don't know when i should take another test...i'm 10 days late! so, i can totally sympathize. good luck!


Mel - January 13

The cramps are pretty mild now, off and on- mostly in the morning and at night. That is different from my normal AF cramps. My mother told me that when she was PG with me, she had the same cramps early and called the doc, they told her not to worry; its just your uterus stretching to make room down there! BTW I am starting to feel pretty fat myself, bloated. Why would I have all the symptoms of PMS, but totally miss my AF, besides being PG? And still cramping! ARgh! Good luck, ya'll--- keep us posted!


Liz - January 13

Hi there Mel, I went through the same thing when I found out I was pregnant. I could have sworn that I would come on my period at any minute and the cramps in my stomach were so much like period pains. I took lots of pregnancy tests which were negative and it wasnt until about 2 weeks after my period was due that I had a positive! Good luck and all the best!


Ann - January 13

Hi, you really DO sound pregnant to me! If you read through many of the other posts on this website you will see that many women only test positive long after menstruation was due. It seems to me almost 50% of these women test a number of times before it turns positive!! Also, you mention that you didn't have intercourse around the time you suspect you ovulated. Remember that sperm can live anything up to 72 hours, thats 3 days!! Are you very sure that could not have happened and you conceived on the second or third day after having s_x? Anyway, lots of luck, I a also desperately trying and I know the waiting is terrible! Hang in there, you will know pretty soon!


Mel - January 13

Thanks for all the feedback, you guys. Reading other womens' stories on this site really helps alot. Liz -- I know that could be the case (why I am getting 2 Neg), it has only been 10 days since I expected AF. I called a helpline and they told me to wait another week and test again, or even better to wait until my next period is due (Feb. 3-4, I guess) and then test. That is going to feel like an eternity!! Oh, well, we will all just have to hang in there. PS: Ann, I dunno when I might have conceived; thats part of the problem. Me and my luv have been like bunnies for the past month! ;0)


Amy - January 13

I am experiencing the same dilemma. My hubby and I have been trying for a few months and I'm 5 days late today. Not as long as you, Mel but I'm anxious to find out. Nausea, heartburn and tenderness is what I'm gonig thru now.


Michelle - January 14

Okay, well I took a test and it was negative. Very sad. I still have not started. I am beyond bloated. Still have off & on mild cramping. I should have started on the 6th. So I am 8 days late. I don't know what kind of signs to look for so early on. I feel like I am on a horrible PMS trip. I have been like a bottomless pit, hungry all the time. Very moody. Very tired. Would a blood test show any early than the home test I took?


Mel - January 14

To Michelle: I have read elsewhere on this site that women have gone to get blood tests and still they turn up negative. Although I think it might be better to get a blood test where they actually perform a count of the amount of HGC in your blood; that way, even if it is really too low for a urine test to detect (and in some women it is, apparently), they can still detect whether your body is making the HGC hormone in smaller quant_ties. Hope that helps. Feel better --- I know what you mean about a bad PMS trip; its the worse! I just don't know what my body is doing, and that's what makes it all so frustrating. Hang in there!


Michelle - January 14

Thanks Mel. You hang in there too. Good luck also! I guess we will find out sooner or later. I will be a long weekend I think. I hope yours goes well!


Liane - January 15

Hi! I'm new to this posting. I am also sort of going through the same thing. On Jan. 10, I started what I thought was a period , which was very light. It lasted maybe an hour or two and only produced a spot on the pad. It is now the 15th and the period has not returned but I am up to my eyeb___s in PMS symptoms (bloaty-ness, crampy some days worse than others, fatigue, b___st tenderness, and extreme emotional-ness (I cried over an episode of The Fresh Prince, and pretty much anything else that has a touching air to it-- and I'm usually unnerved by tv!) Now, my husband and I already have 2 children, each of whom we conceived within 2 months of deciding to get pregnant (and I skipped 2 periods before getting a positive test for each child). If this is my third pregnancy, which I hope it is since we've been trying for almost 2 years, I know I can expect to wait quite a while before getting a positive test. My suggestion is to act as if you are pregnant, just in case, and pamper yourself. Take excellent care of yourself, eat right, and relax as much as possible, because even if yo are not pregnant, you are probably under a great deal of stress worrying if you are in addition to other stresses yo might face, so that too can cause a late or missed period. Good luck to you, what ever the result, I hope it's the one that's best for you!


stac - January 16

I have been experiencing the same conditions - bloated, sick to my stomach, tired and unbelievable cramping. My last period was 12/15, however, I have a long cycle 35 days, so when cramping started on the 11th I was like - Wow it is coming early...these past few days have been so I know that I am too early to test but let us know what happens!


Mel - January 17

Great advice, Liane. We poor stressed ladies could certainly use some self-pampering, no matter what the situation. But ladies, I got my period yesterday; I almost didn't believe it at first, b/c its been feeling like it was coming, and never did. 12 days late is a record for me, but, as I told my Honey, I was just ready for ANY answer! Truly releiving, just to finally KNOW one way or the other. So, no baby on the way for me; we will just wait until its in God's plan for us and spend the meantime preparing to have a family. Good luck to everyone and keep your faith.


Amy - January 17

I took a preg. test on Thursday and it showed negative, experiencing heartburn, mild nausea. My b___sts hurt when I'm PMS-ing, so that is not unusual. I went to the Doctor on Friday to see what was going on?! He said normally you wait until 2 weeks late to go in, but he found out I'm 6 weeks pregnant!!! I am so excited!! He said the blood test shows almost 100% accuracy.


Michelle - January 18

Well I started my period on Saturday. I am relieved to finally know but disapointed. I hope you are all having a great day and good luck!



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