PMS Or PG Breast Tenderness

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Liz - October 13

Hi Everyone? How soon after Ovulation is it possible to have sore/tender br___ts after conception has occured?


Sue - October 13

Liz it is hard to tell the difference between pre period b___st tenderness and early pregancy b___st tenderness because your rise in progesterone after o is the same pregnant or not! I have heard that "true" pregnancy b___st tenderness doesn't occ till after your missed period, but most women say that their sore b___st never went away like it does when af shows up. So you are probably going to have to wait till you miss your period to really know for sure. Every time I swear i am pregnant because of my super sore or growing b___sts, AF shows up......wish you all the baby dust...maybe this is your month!!!!.


Mike - October 13

I've heard that pregnant women often feel a tingly sensation in their nipples and that they stay hard all the time and are very sensitive. Like most symptoms, there is no definite "yes" or "no". That's the hardest part about ttc...waiting. Because PMS and pregnancy symptoms are so close together, you can't know for sure until you get a positve blood test and or ultrasound. I don't say + HPT because in rare cases they can show a false +.


nell - October 13

I also have tender b___sts occasionally I will get this weird burning sensation below my nipples.. weird huh.. that and I get heart burn a lot but it has gottwn so bad it is almost hard to breathe.


Marisa - October 14

You may get sore and tender b___sts after the fertilised egg has implanted, they say about 6-12 days, some say up to 14 days after fertilisation.


ARD - October 14

I too have VERY achy, tender b___sts...hard to wear a bra or hug my husband!! :o( This the the 4th day straight of this. I'm also having some light cramping as if AF is visiting. AF isn't due till Oct. 19th. I don't think I have ever had b___sts this sore for this long, and a week before AF. Is this all in my head??? *****BABYDUST***********



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