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im confused - October 7

hi, i am on birth control but missed quit a few pills during the month of august and never take them at the exact same time. On sat sept 25 i had unprotected s_x with my bf more than once, once he did in me alil. about a week later i began getting pains in my right side wich i know can be due to ovulation but the pains have spread to an all over mild cramping and have lasted for alnost a week now. I am eating a lot and crave dairy products like crazy. i feel nauscious on and off throughout the day but have been getting pretty queezy every evening for about four days. I am also pretty tired, i can sleep twelve hours a night and still take a nap during the day. ive been getting slight headaches and i have recently developed extreme dizzy spells if i dont eat immediatly when i get hungry. My temp has also been about 99 for the last two days. im extremely bloated and my lower back is beginning to ache alil. I know a lot of these symptoms are those of pms so i dont know what to think. the thing that i really question is the wiered cramping i have never had this feeling until this month. i do pee a lil more than usual but nothing out of the ordinary of reg pms. my period is due in about three days. please someone tell me what they think. thank you


Viv - October 7

I have a friend with 5 kids who relied on the pill. Forgetful, she says. I suggest you do a test before starting on next month's pills. Come back and let us know on this thread. It helps the next person with a similar question.


E - October 7

When you screw up your pills so badly, it screws up your cycle which can explain the strange feelings that you are experiencing. Sounds like you need a timer for your pills unless you are trying to get pregnant.


confused - October 7

thanks viv your a sweety. i dont wanna b but i have a lot on my mind i just started my 2nd yr of college & i forget


melody - October 8

I've been having almost all the same symptoms. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm pregnant. I was on the pill but I've been off of em for bout 2 weeks and having a lot of unprotected s_x.


E - October 8

Let us know what the results are .... Good luck.


m - October 8

These symptoms could be because of the pill screw up. However, these are the same early symptoms I had during pregnancy. Get a test. If a urine test is negative, get a blood test. If it is negative, get on the patch or something that doesn't require much effort.


confused - October 8

thought i was gonna start today but still havent i woke up this morning and my nipples were almost purple they were so dark and i have prominent blue veins leading to them. but my b___bs dont hurt. i have also started having a lot of creamy discharge. took a urine test but it was -, i have an ob appt for the 19 i took my test in the afternoon, could there have been not enough hcg i know its best to take them in the morning


m - October 8

yes, I have heard that morning is best because you have the highest concentration of hcg in your urine. some of those tests aren't real sensitive. go to and you will learn the sensitivity of the tests you buy at the store. i'll just tell you that it was almost 2 weeks AFTER my missed period that a urine test picked up my hcg levels. so you may be the same way. some women's levels just don't multiply as quickly as others. I ordered those test sticks on-line from and they are super sensitive. good luck and keep us posted!


Prissy - October 8

My period was supposed to start last saturday, but I decided to wait the whole 28 days. Today is the 30th day and it's still missing. I am very moody and emotional. I have been very tired and having nausea myself. I get headaches off and on, and I crave certain foods. My stomach has been cramping like my period is about to start, but never does. I'm just starting to feel sensitivity in my b___st. could I be pregnant?


E - October 8

I have taken pregnancy tests at least a week past my period, and gotten negative results due to the HcG being too low. I was pregnant in both circ_mstances. A blood test is the way to go. Many of these symptoms really could be due to the pill mishaps. Don't worry too much, if you are. I would make an appointment sooner than the 19th for a serum HcG. You don't need to see a Gyn for it, just call your docs office and they will send a slip to the lab. You do not even need to see the doc to get the results.


Prissy - October 9

I'm planning on just going to the health department next week. Is that too early? The first time when I went for my check up I asked them to do a pregnancy test, but it was negative. This was on the 5th of October. I calculated my due date on line and I'm a month and two days if I'm pregnant. When I go next week should I ask for a test through a blood test? I really don't want to go if it's still too early to tell.


its me~confused - October 15

ok here is the update, i got my period oct 9 and it lasted until the 12, this is about normal but it was bright red for the whole time, usually it is for only the first day. i normaly have extremely bad cramps, this is why i was placed on bc in the 1st place but this time i hardly had any. now after my period i have went right back to feeling sick and now it is most of the day, and i still have constant cramping on my sides and on the inside of my hips. What is really weird is for the last two days the abundant amount of discharge after peeing has come back but now its a yellowish color and completley odorless. nothing burns or itches at all. and now if i dont eat when i need to i get so dizzy i have top stop what it is im doing. i had to pull off the road today on my way home from cla__s. do you think i got something from my bf? weve only been togither for a couple months, i know thats off topic, or might i be pregnant? I dont know what to think, but something is deff not right. I still have a dr appt for tues the 19. Also he is coming home for the wknd and has no idea about any of this, should i say anything or wait until i go to the dr. I really dont wont to worry him over nothing


Viv - October 15

If you want me to guess, I would say you are pregnant and that you also have a sugar problem. Dizzy is a sign of pregnancy as blood gets diverted to more important tasks, but dizzy when you're not eating on schedule is a little different. I'm glad you are going to see the doc. As for the boyfriend, he is not going to be happy if you are. You know the old saying, women give s_x to get love, men give love to get s_x - I very much doubt he is so head over heels in love right now that he is going to welcome the news. You might better broach the subject with one of those "what would happen if..." questions. You might even want to know for sure, decide how you want to handle it, and then break the news if your decision makes it necessary. You have our sympathy in your predicament. Keep coming back. We love you!


name - October 16

Viv, you give great advice. but I think in this case if I was confused, and my bf and I actually did have a serious and meaningful relationship (which she nowhere implied that they didn't) I would maybe be offended at you saying that you doubt he is in love :/


Viv - October 16

Thanks 'name'. I focused on the statement 'weve only been togither for a couple months,' and the fact that it has been a weekend relationship. In my book that is not long enough to know that you are in love and ready for a permanent relationship. One interesting rule that I've heard is that before contemplating marriage, one should spend at least one of each of the major holidays with the proposed in-laws.


confused - October 17

I wasnt really offended because i understand where you drew your conclusion from. But my bf and i are VERY close, we were together for a while before he moved back to school, he is origionally from where i live. I know we are young and there is no way to tell whats gonna happen in the future, but i could spend the rest of my life with him. I dont see either of us running from the other any time soon, ive been through a log dis before and i know how stressful it can b but for some reason this time is diff, i feel closer to him than i have any body ever before. any ways, this is off topic. I really apprediate all of your ladies thoughts and opinions its been a big help to me. obv a child is not something we planned so early but i think what ever happens happens. well get through it. thank you all so much for your support and advice, i will get back with you after my appt tues. oxoxox



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