Pms Vs Prego Symp

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onehotmama - November 1

I like most of us really hate the fact that pms symptoms and prego symptoms are so much alike. who's bright idea was that?? I am due for my AF in 7days. Most of the symptoms I've felt I can relate to pms, all but one. Now I had a tubal done 4yrs ago so I relize how unlikely it is. But a week ago out of know where my nipples started to hurt and bad enough even wearing a shirt bothers me. My period is like clockwork and it seemed a bit early for pms but ok I thought maybe this time it was coming early or something. Here since yesterday I've started to feel my typical pms, being tired and some indigestion, increase apitetie, craving protien... but my nipples are still killing me! For a couple of days there they looked swollen, it went away but my nips still hurt. This is so strange for me. I started getting some mild cramps, very mild and on one hand think they feel different but on the other wonder if its my imagination. I am not even going to think about testing unless I miss my AF, I am suppose to be sterile after all. But who's bright idea was it tourcher woman this way, there should be some no doubt symptom for pregnancy that you cant have with pms!


AddyB - November 1

I am now 88 days late. The last day of my period was approximately Aug. 4th. Since then I took a test in late Aug. and in mid Sept. Both were negative. But still no period.. Anf now my urine has a different smell. Its not sweet and its not ammonia like. I cant really put my finger on it but its definitely different and very strong. Im also tired. All the time. But I dont know if thats really a sign because I work six days a week and go full time to College. I dont throw up but i randomly get nauseated and get the urge to throw up.. my body just never follows through. My b___sts arent tender or anything but my b___sts have always had a certain lack of feeling in them. I do have heartburn sometimes. but I have acid reflux and I dont know if thats related at all. I do however get hot flashes. My face gets hot and my fingers and toes get cold. Its wierd. Any ideas? Or suggestions?


SmileyKylie - November 1

Hi onehotmama, I've been in a similar situation to you. I never have any b___st or nipple changes and then a few days before my period was due a few months ago, my nipples started getting really sensitive and hard and bigger. It was really weird and I thought I could be pregnant. My period was 3 days late and I took a HPT which came back negative. Then my period started the next day! So I know exactly how confusing the female body is! Good luck with everything and let us know how you go.


SmileyKylie - November 1

AddyB, what is going on! That all sounds quite unusual! Have you been to see a doctor? Maybe your hormone levels are not right. Have you been s_xually active? It sounds like you could be a bit run down aswell since you have a very busy life. Maybe you need a holiday! Sometimes no period means that you are not ovulating for some reason. I hope you get back to normal soon :-)


onehotmama - November 2

addy, sounds like a trip to the doctor. plain old stress and to much activity can really mess you up. Also early menopause is not unheard of. I am even wondering if my shift in pms symptoms could be that seeing as that runs in my family. But it could be all kinds of things, if you cant afford a doc, planned parent hood and similar places can check womanly issues for free. just an fyi.



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