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loopie - January 13

What were your symptoms before you tested? Nausea: Fatigue: B--t Pain: Food Aversions: Food Cravings: Headache: Constipation: Diarrhea Lower Bachace: Abdominal Pain: Implantation Bleeding: How many days before or after AF was due did you test positive? Any other symtoms that you have had not mentioned above?


kim - January 13

Frequent urination, everything smells bad and taste bad. Didn't test positive until 7 weeks.


m - January 13

frequent urination, extremely bloated, some back pain, lots of little cramps way down low (behind my c-section scar), b___st tenderness, crankiness, etc. I am only about 9-10 dpo, so I can't wait to see if I start next week! If I don't, this month's pms is a b___h! LOL


m - January 13

Oh yeah, and constant light flow of cm!


kim - January 13

I had all these symtoms and more and was 5 days late and im not preggo.. Just Crazy!!! lol Af is almost gone so we will be hitting up again this month. Hopefully this will be the month for us!! Good luck ladies.


KN - January 13

I had a milky discharge from my b___sts (never happened before), I had discharge until the day my af came ( very late by the way!), I had all the other symptoms listed too! I am not pregnant.....


loopie - January 13

thanks for the response ladies :) are there any others out there that would like to post? please.......


Sarah - January 13

I had mild kind off cramping tightening in my stomach, similar to menstrual cramps. I was very ga__sy and ended up testing positive about 1 week after AF was due. I had what I believe was implantation bleeding as well, about a week and 1/2 before AF. I have had a little bit of nausea but not a great deal like some have. My major symptom now, I'm just going into my 9th week, I'm tired all all all all the time!!!! Doesn't matter how much sleep I get I'm exhausted all day. Hope this helps!!


m - January 14

By the way, all of the symptoms I listed were the same symptoms I had when I WAS pregnant (3 times)! I can't remember early symptoms from my first pregnancy (7 years ago), but with my second son, and 2 pregnancies that I lost, all of these symptoms turned out to be signs of pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!! This is the first time I've had them since.


Josie - January 14

I tested positive at 4 weeks. Implantation bleeding,headaches, dizziness,change in discharge,


johanna - January 14

josie - what kind of change in discharge did you have? this month i've gone from ewcm to cloudy creamy cm.... no AF yet (due in 3 days).



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